Thursday, November 17, 2011


I really didn't want a picture of me like this in here, but I did want a picture of Tucker and Randan. I was so busy on Halloween that this is the only picture we had of Tucker in his costume. We wernt sure if Tucker would let us dress him up this year. I bought the crayon costume last year when all the costume's went on sale, and when I pulled all the Halloween decorations out I got his costume out to see what I needed, and to try it on him to make sure it fit (remember I bought it in 2010. I guessed, and hoped it would fit for 2011). He wouldn't put it on. We would ask him what he was going to be through out the Holiday, and he would reply: " A Blue Crayon," so we keep are fingers crossed that he would put it on at the twelfth hour. On Halloween When he was taking a nap, I got my costume on, and makeup done. When he woke up he saw me, and decided it was OK to put the crayon on. We went to our wards Trunk- or - Treat. This picture is of us handing out our candy. I love Halloween. Always have.

Pumpkin Patch

This year Randan, and I wanted to have a nice garden. Last year was my first attempt, but it failed miserably. This year I tried harder, and we did better. We got a few tomato's, not as much as we hoped for, but a taste. Loads of  strait neck summer squash, potato's, and these pumpkins. I wanted to have some to carve for Halloween. I have never planted pumpkins before.  I got a variety called Cinderella," and they came out very short and squatty. Needless to say we didn't use them to carve. There just wasn't enough  room to do any thing. I think it would have been to tough to cut in to any way.  Lets just say next year will be better. Lesson learned. We could on the other hand stack them on top of each other, and the became pumpkin snow men. Look at the positive. Right!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


If you know me at all you know I love to decorate. Let alone decorate for Halloween. This what I have come up with so far.


I finally got gravel in these two places. I wish I would have taken a before picture, so you can understand just how excited I am. We layed the turf barrier but wasn't able to do any thing further till this week. the wind would blow, and pick the barrier up and whip it around till it ripped some of it completely off. I replace the ripped part and then layed all the gravel I was doing it in the evening, and by the time I was done I had very little light left. I didn't get a good look at it till the next morning. i cant believe the difference it makes. It make it look so much more manicured.

My dresser

I have been looking for a dresser just like this one for 8 months at yard sales, and my trusty, reliable, Deseret Industries. That is where I found it. Good old DI. I had found one just a few days before this one, and I had been looking so long, I just about bought it. The thing that stoped me was, I thought it was to long. I am so glade I waited. This one was in better condition. All I had to do was reattach some of the drawer tracks, paint it, and add new hardware.  I put all my table linens in it, because just to the right is my table.


I had to post this one, because Randan is very proud of this batch of cinnamon rolls (he said it was his best yet). He came home one night, and wanted to make some cinnamon rolls, and who am I to stop him. I have to agree they were awesome. I made the frosting. That was the deal. He did the rolls, and I would make the frosting. I didn't put any frosting on this roll I wanted you to see the roll not a blob of frosting.


This is what I have been doing most of September. It all started with frozen raspberry, and strawberry jam. (Which like a idiot, I forgot to put them in my picture) then apricot juice, tomato's, apple pie filling, apples, peaches and finally pears. It was allot of work, but oh so worth it. The bottom picture is of Tucker when he got the strainer stuck on his head. I laughed and laughed. It was my first year of REALLY canning I have done a batch of jam here and there, but never at this level. It was totally fun,but I am all canned out. For this season at least.
P.S. I also did some peach jam which I also forgot to take a picture of.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fishing and Camping!

There is good, and horrible news this go around. The good news is that we went camping, and fishing this last week end. We hooked up my Mother, and Father-in-laws camper, and went up the hill for two night's. On Saturday we went fishing at Oak's park. There is a spill way there, that if running right, you just toss your line out, and you catch a fish. None of this waiting around business. This was Tucker's first time fishing, and he loved it. He caught 7 fish (with a little help of course). The picture just above is his face as we rilled in the second fish. I would hold Tucker, as Randan would toss out the line, snag a fish, and then let Tucker real it in. It is a jagged steep hill.  I hung on to Tucker as tight as I could so he wouldn't fall in and get caught in the current. Here is the horrible news.  Just after I took the bottom picture, I handed the camera to Randan to take a picture of Tuckers face, and my 6 month old camera fell in the water. Yes you guessed it. It is ruined. It wont close the lens or even turn on for that matter. I wanted to cry.   It is a lot of work to go camping, but always worth it.


This is Tucker's new thing. He loves Dinosaurs! The other day I was doing something that I thought was "Very important,"  and Tucker came up to me saying, "Mom come follow me, my Dinosaur is a sleep" It took him a few time's of saying this for me to wake up and listen to him. I followed him into his room,  he crawled up into his bed, and laid by his "Sleeping Dino." When times like this happen I have to remember to listen to him the first time. He needs to know I care about the things he finds fun, and interesting.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Family and Music

I was able to spend time with my family from Salt Lake City this last week. We had so much fun. We took the kids to the Splash Park, ate dinner at Cafe Rio, had desert @ Randan and my house, Made head bands, and the best part Talked and Talked. I love it when I can spend time with any of the Southam woman. You hear the saying "There is power in numbers" This is true. When all 5 of my Grandma and Grandpa Southam's daughters are all together you feel like you got the best tickets in the world to the best entertainment in the world. Don't get me wrong you have a lot of fun with even one. I don't want to down play that. My aunt Denna Came with her three girls. Brittany, Breanna, and Bethany. We had a BBQ with Ben, Koda, and Shasta's family also. That is where some of the talking came in. All in all I totally enjoyed it. Breanna and I were talking about music, and what we liked. It got me thinking of all the songs that I am into right now, so I sat down and wrote them down. I think that someday when I look back I will enjoy knowing what I liked, so I am going to catalog it.
1. Katy Perry Ft. Kanye West. "ET" This one is iffy that is why it is first. I love the music . I am not a Kanye West fan he gets a little to crud for the likes of me. I am also  very very very picky on my rap. The lyrics in this song go a little  over for me. I don't recommend watching the video it's just weird.  As I am re- reading this it sounds like I hate the song more then I like it. I dint know how to explain it there is just something that I like about it. OK done with that one.
2. Easotn Corbin "I cant love you back"
3. Blake Shelton "Who are you when I'm not looking"
4. Jason Alden "Dirt road anthem"
5. Shaina Twain "Today is your day"
6. Eric Church " Come on home boy"
7. Josh Turner "I wouldn't be a man"
Well that is most of them.  I have always loved music. I took voice lessons for a few months, but this was like all the other extracurricular activity's I didn't finish, or put my all into, so I'm not very good. I always got discouraged, because it wasn't going fast enough for me. I wasn't catching on fast enough, or progressing fast enough. I also would get scared to perform. I don't like being up in front, yikes!
Boy do I regret it. That is sad, because who wants to regret stuff?

Monday, July 11, 2011


When Randan and I started dating we would go to the rodeo every year and to all 4. The last couple of years they only do it 3days. I am not sure exactly why that is. We went to all three nights this year, and is was pretty good. The blue and red band you see in the picture is something new that they are doing. In the past years they would stamp your hand. I like the bands better. The card you see above the bands is a card that Kayden gave to Tucker the first night. It was the 1/2 time show. They were Belgian horses that weighed a little over two tons a piece they pulled a wagon. They did figure eights around the arena and would tighten the figure eights up after a couple of passes. they also would stop parallel to the fence and turn there wagon so the back was then paraele. In the end the man steering the team came out straddling the back two horses. He road them around the arena a few times then figure eighted again. I have to say that was my favorite part of the hole rodeo. I also liked the muten busten, and one night the had a team's compete to see who could get a beef cow to let them milk her. What a hoot. The last night was the best. they had a lot of good stock. Oh I almost forgot. My cousin Tegan road in the pre-show. She did amazing


The other day I was playing with my camera, and looking at pictures I wanted to write about when Tucker walked in, and said, " Take My face mom!" I laughed and this is what we came up with. Enjoy.

4th of July!

 All the pictures above are us at the annual vernal parade. We went to the Parade With Randan's family (The first picture has my nephew Waylon.)  It seem to be getting worse every year.  I don't mean to sound so negative, but it was horrible this year thy even combind two together. The Forth of July and The Rodeo Parade. Tucker, Randan, and I enjoyed the Jets. (You can see them in one of the pictures above.)
 This Year we saw the Fireworks with my family. We went to my Grandpa and Grandma Haslems house had a BBQ,  and then went to watch the Fireworks.  Now this is Where Vernal didn't fail this year the Fire works were wonderful. Tucker loved them. I had fun watching him and Randan.
After the Vernal fireworks we went to my Uncle Brads he had a few fireworks he wanted to set off. We had root beer floats and watched the small show. The last one was the best. It was called "Red Neck Party." I haven't ever seen a across the counter firework that was that good. Ever. All in all are forth was a wonderful holiday.


 First of all I want to say that this is the best picture I have got in a long time. Rnadan helped me put Tuckers seat on my bike, and so he took Tucker out for a ride. I was hiding behind the tuck so that Randan couldn't see me with the camera. I wanted one with both Tucker and Randan in the picture together but I was lucky to get this one. Ha Ha.
 Of cores  you have heard the phrase "Pay backs are a What?" Well this I guess you can say is pay backs.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Outlaw trail Theater!

In Vernal. Every year the end of June, and the beginning of July. The Outlaw Trail Theater put on a production. Any one can try out. As I am sure you have now guested this was the Play/ musical they picked this year. They perform it in a out door amphitheater, and the night we decided to go  we got rained out we made it to intermission and had to leave because it started to rain pretty bad. The weather this year has been so unpredictable. We I guess weather is never predictable, but worse then normal. I wanted to see all of it because the lion, tin man, and scare crow made that play for me. They were absolutely hilarious. I really enjoy going to things like this. I always have.


 Randan took my Mom,Tucker, and I to "The Mormon Miracle Pageant" the day before Fathers Day. We got a hotel room, went and got a shake then went to the rooms to freshen up. Are room had a couple of dirty socks and the bed was some what turned down. As soon as Randan saw it he told me to go to my mom's room and he  would be back (he is a little germ-a-phobic.) I have to agree. This one was gross. They cleaned the room while Randan watched. He said that they used tons of cleaner. He had to open the windows to let it air out. After that we went to one of the two chapels. I should correct that. The one chapel we went to was there stake house. They served us dinner. It was smoked turkey, potato's, salad, rolls, and carrot or chocolate cake for desert. I had of coarse chocolate and randan had carrot. I cant remember what Mom or Tucker had. I wasn't really that hungry, because of the shakes. I know. I know. We made it to the pageant 2 1/2 to 3 hours before it started so we could get a good seat. We all had to laugh, because the come on over the intercom and ask you not to run once the open the gates. No one listen.  I kind of expected the kids not to listen, but the adults is where I was a little astonished. Ha Ha. While we were waiting we walked down to where the vendors had all there booths. There were all kinds of things. They had a place that made homemade root beer. There bottles were fun. they had a place that sold novelty umbrellas, they had a place the sold funnel cakes and twisted potato's they also had a place that sold t-shirts. I got Tucker one and me one. Randan wanted a drink, so I got him a Lemonade. We got to talking to the group that was behind us they were from somewhere in Wasatch county. Their daughter and her husband wasted to go to all the Temple's in Utah or was it all the Temple's I cant remember. They had just gone thru the Manti earlier that day. The mom was the babysitter. They young couple had one little boy. He was only 8-9 months old. So way little. Once the pageant started I was so tiered that I sleep thru a little bit of it. I steel saw enugh to say the it was very good.

The picture's below are of the t-shirt that I got . It is such a hoot that I hope the pictures turned out enuf to read. Tuckers says: Stripling Warriors  Mommas boys I think I got this one for wishful thinking. He is totally  a Daddy's Boy.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I have family that live in Orem UT.  My Aunt Carolann and Uncle Ken. They Have 4 children. The oldest got sealed in the S.L.C temple on June 16 2011. His name is Bryan. His new wife is Ann. My aunt Carolann is my father's younger sister. She is the oldest girl in the family.  Now that you have all the facts I will tell you about the bird you see in this picture. My mom, and I went out to this wedding, and on our way home last night (just out side of Roosevelt) I hit this bird. It scared both my mom and I. The noise it made was the worst part. Just driving along, and whack a bird flies right into you. I always think I am going to hit the stupid things, but they always seem to make it, so then I stop worrying so much.

I showed Randan this morning. He told me it was picture worthy. I guess that this entry is his fault.  Ha. Ha. He also told me I was going down in history for getting a Snipe.

Friday, June 10, 2011

One of those day's !

I have had one of those day's where you fill like all you have done all days is follow your two year old around picking up behind him.

This morning I went into Tucker's room and found that He had emptied his shirt drawer on the ground.  He did this, so he could pick a shirt for the day. I am proud of him for the effort.  Now we need to learn that you just take the one on the top.

This evening I could hear nothing.  Which you all now that is never good.  The next thing I see is Tucker out side on our back porch dumping the cat food into there water bowl. We now have dry cat food, and wet cat food. He has learned how to open the doors. I was hoping that the dead locks would hold us off for a little while, but that was cake for this  Houdini. I need more arms, and more eye's  in the back of my head.

I also found him eating his bowl of cereal that he dug out of the sink. It steel had a little left. I guess he wasn't done. The last few morning's  we have had trouble with this I  have even rinsed  the bowl out.  He throws a major fit,  and wants more cereal.

Once again, "I love being a mother".  Just some days push me a little more then others.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We have had an obsession with are eye's around here the last week. The first picture is of Tucker and one of my head bands he wears it like a pair of glasses.
The second picture is of Tucker with  a piece of paper that came off a wreath form. Tucker got a hold of it, and was holding it up to his eyes. I saw him doing this, and thought that, if it had eye's,  it would be a perfect mask. We cut eye's, and put two pieces of tape on the inside edges. I didn't know if he would let me tape it to his face. He gets finicky about that kind of stuff, but he let me, and he like it.
The third brakes my heart. Yesterday we were at my mother and father -in law's. Tucker was playing out side with his cousin in a mud puddle by Randan's truck. I guess he was running, and tripped as he fell he caught the bumper of  Randans pick up with his left eye. Ouch!