Friday, February 10, 2017

Two cups

 The other day I was doing some work at the computer, and Raegan wanted me to get her some cholate milk (her most favorite thing on this earth).  I told her to let me finish the thing I was working on, to put the glass on the counter, and I would be right there.  I also had a glass on the counter waiting to be filled with milk. When I was done I filled my glass, and asked Raegan where her glass was. She would point, and say right there. I was looking all over and couldn't fined it. I even went into her room and the family room thinking that maybe it had been taken in one of these rooms. She was insistent that it was on the counter, so I took a better look, and discovered the glass in my glass.  I just stared to laugh, because really.

Our first Baptisim

Tucker is officially eight, baptized, and confirmed. I am so happy that he made this great decision. He was totally excited. Just bounced all over the place for two days. And to add more excitement he has entered the scout program. He loves it. My prayer is that he understands how important the decision he has made of late, and keeps his promises, and covenants.  

Oh my the Birthday's

I love the one sock on, and one sock off.

Okay to add to Christmas, Raegans birthday, and Tuckers birthday we have had two friend birthdays and one cousin birthdays all within two months of one another. So I have tried to come up with tings that are inexpensive, and for all three gifts I spent a total of eight dollars.  All the supplies I had at the house, so at some point in our lives we had to purchase the stuff, but to finish them up, just eight dollars. SO proud of myself, and it was, SO much fun. Tucker seems to like to play with what was made, and since two of them are for boys his age, that make me hopeful.