Friday, June 13, 2014

Dads 58th birthday!

Yesterday, June 12, would have been my dad's 58th  birthday.  I was trying to count it up this morning with Randan,  and I was steel to tired to get my brain to work but, if I did it right he was 53 when he died.
The year he died I thought it would be fun to get his siblings and parents with us, (Mom, Christine and family, Sean and family, Me and family) and  have a birthday party.  We as family's bought family gifts,  and played musical chairs with the gifts. We had a BBQ out on moms back lawn,  and played the game.  Over the years it has evolved to where we would take balloons to the cemetery and sing happy birthday then let the balloons go, because it was in the afternoon not everyone could come and if they did it was very rushed, so this year mom decided to have a BBQ in the evening at her house then afterword we could go to the cemetery and let the balloons go. There were steel some people not able to be in attendance, but it was a lot better.  In my opinion this is what we need to do every year if we are going to keep it up.   
I have thought that maybe this might be a little like a ritual and not sure if that is kosher with gospel standards, but at the same time it is fun to get together as family and remember.  Also keep up.  I have mentioned it before, but the older we all are getting the less and less of these fun thing we do.  I see my Mom and Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles all in a different light the older I get there is more of a friendship then a niece and adult relationship. Especially since I have had my own kids. Maybe its like my mom has always said: " There is a time, place,  and season for everything."   

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


   I am excited to show everyone that I can "barely" put Raegan's hair up.  I have been able to do half pigtails for some time, but the other day I was playing with her hair, and this is what I was able to do.  I had to do it quick.  Every mom knows that it has to be done quick and, good luck on getting it to look good on a 18 month old wiggle pants.
I am sad to say that this might be my last pictures for some time.   My lens hasn't been retracting back into my camera, and I have been babying it along.  The same day I took these pictures Raegan got a hold of my camera.  I asked her to give it back.  She took off running and threw it. That did it in. I can't get the lens to open. It turns on, but the lens wont extend out and focus to take a picture. 
So lets take a count. So far I need a new sander and a new camera. Oh and lets not forget if it wasn't for Randan I would steel have a broken dish washer.  A week or two ago I couldn't get my dish washer door open so Randan  took it apart and found that the handle had broken.  He looked up the part on line and ordered it (he did this with my stove 6 months ago) it took a few days  to get  here, and a few days to install.  You forget how blessed you are to have a convenience like a dish washer until you loose it.  I had to tell my Heavenly Father thank you for the reminder. 
Bet you didn't expect all this over two little hair pictures.   

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stock Show 2014!

This is Tuckers 3rd year showing in the stock show.  As you can see he took 7th over all.  He did very well.  He wanted a belt buckle like he got last year for winning reserve champion.  I would keep telling him some times you win and some times you don't, and you have to be happy ether way.  When he figured out that he wasn't going to get the buckle I was worried he would have a melt down, but the trophy took care of that.  I am so glad he got out there and did it even if he was a little bashful. Good Job Tuck!


My mom took a trip with 90% of her sisters to Canada to visit the remaining 10%.  The reason for the trip was hundreds of pictures that my Grandma Southam and the others worked on, and a little sister time. I have to say that there was a little jealousy I had to work on, because I would turn down any Broadway show or move premier to sit in a room with my grandma, my mom, and her sisters.  I love each one of them. It is sad, but the older we all get the less and less we get to see each other. This is one reason why I can't wait till we all get to be in heaven. We won't have to drive hundreds of miles to see one another.  I better get to work so I can make it there with all of my family.
Ok, the reason for the picture is just after I graduated form high school I took a trip to Canada with my Grandma and Grandpa Southam. While we were there I was introduced to Eat-Mores. I loved them and even had my aunt send me some.  I think that was 12 to 15 year ago.  My mom knew that I really enjoyed these, and so she got me this one and only. (that is all the store they had) She gave it to me at the stock show, and so of cores I shared.  Randan was amazed I liked it, because I usually don't like things with nuts. Lets just say I am picky with my nut consumption. I like then but, I am picky where they go. If you are ever so lucky to go to Canada pick one up, they are divine.

Picnic and Befor shot.

I struggled whether to show this or not, reason being, my garaged is discussing. For those who don't know I am a clean OCD freak.  I love everything to be in there place, and it look clean. I remember my cousin showing a picture of her newly vacuumed carpet, and I just loved it.  It made me happy and  feel calm.  Its a big deal for me to have order in my home. This garaged is the opposite end like a lot of  other rooms in my house, but thankfully I don't have to show them to get this post taken care of. If it was up to me it wouldn't look like this, but I can only do so much before I need help.
Ok back on track. I Have been wanting to refurbish my coffee table and end table that match for quite some time. I just haven't found exactly what I want to do.  I finally bit the bullet and started sanding them down until I can figure that part out.  I know I want to paint them I'm just not sure how yet.  The other pictures are of my kids I told them we would have a picnic if they were good and let me sand the tables.  Tucker is old enough that he gets picnics and how fun they are, so he asks me to have then quite often.
I think you can also see two of our four kittens. My mother-in-law's cats had a couple litters,  and I told Randan that if she wasn't wanting to keep all of them that I wanted two to help with the mice and the rat he saw in our fire wood. A few weeks latter he sowed up with four. I have to giggle. That's all Giggle. One for each of us. Tucker has named them Pokka dot, Mittens, Fluffy, and Tiger.  We have two boys and two girls. So four might become 15,000. Who knows.  

Caught Ya!

Reagan has been doing this for the last week or so. I have told her over and over that she will fall, and I take her off.  She throws a fit, and gets right back on. I was to the point where I thought, "fine" fall.  I have been telling you you will fall, and maybe that will teach you that I know what I am talking about. Last night she stood on it, and it wasn't wedged between the couch, and wall as it normally is, and she tipped it over. Luckily I was right there to catch her.
I have been thinking about this story as I have been righting it, and a thought came to me that it can be likened to me and the Lord. I know right form wrong , but I am stubborn and think I know what is best. I don't see that He  knows more then me, and has everything under control. I need to be more obedient and, have stronger faith.   
I have found that as I have started to raise children,  I compare there stubbornness of obeying me to my stubbornness of obeying the Lord.  I find that if I am in the moment of disciplining one or more of my children I think "man!" I bet this is how Heavenly Father feels with me. How frustrating it must be for  Heavenly Father to have a 33 year old  daughter who steel bucks the system and digs her hills in.