Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

This year for Memorial Day we went with Randan's family on Sunday to deliver flowers, we went to the Jensen cemetery and the Drive fork cemetery.  Granny Mae at Jensen and Pa Dean at Drive fork.
After words we stopped at a park and ate sandwiches and played some ball.  
The next day Tucker, Raegan, Madalynn, Mom, and Grandma Southam went to my family which is all buried at the Vernal Cemetery.  That evening we ate at moms house with Christine and her kids and Randan.  
I know that we celebrate Memorial Day mainly because we want to pay respect to the men, and women that severed for our country. Which I am very grateful for.  I am just glade we get to recognize our family member as well.   

Spring ball 2017

This is our third year of playing spring ball, but first on city league. He really enjoyed it. I was very impressed with his coach. He taught Tucker more this spring season then Tucker learned all the other seasons combine.
Tuck would play first a lot, sometimes third, and short stop. Once he was catcher, and once pitcher. His team was the Angels. They were a pretty good little team. 
True to spring ball, you never knew what king of weather you were going to get, so I always packed for winter, and summer.  It felt like I was packing the hole house every time, but I got a system and it worked. One of Tuckers games the heavens opened up, and man it hailed. 
Randan and I were so sick that night, we had some kind of stomach flu, he was loose, and I was throwing up. Luckily the kids never got it.
I completely love watching him play ball. When he concentrates he is a pretty good little player.   

Friday, May 5, 2017

Big Girl

This is her first time sitting in a cart all on her own. She has a buckle around her waist (you can't see) that is helping hold her up.
She has started to be able to sit on her own.  You have to sit by her 'cause she is still not that steady.  She's growing up way to fast.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Easter 2017

So on the Haslem side of the family we went to Split mountain/ Green river. We had fried chicken and salads, had an Easter egg hunt, and then went and played by the water. Same place we went last year, but this time we had the Harrison kids and Randan. So much more fun.

On The Vincent side we went to Pug Hat on Blue Mountain. They have a picnic area. We had hot dogs and salads and then walked around the scenic out look. Lots of fun.

Raegans Dance

If you know this girl all she does all day is dance and sing around the house. We had missed the deadline to sign up for the dance group she wanted to dance with so to pass time I signed her up for a six week cores that they put on at our local recreation center. She loved it. I am glade we started her out with this to get are feet wet. I think we will do it one more time before she starts the actual dance group.

St. Patricks Day 2017

This year we had a ward party the same day as St. Patrick's day.  It was just a dinner to get together. we were in charge of a drink, and two salads. We did green Kool aid and sprite for our drink, a fruit salad, and veggie salad that my mom had taught me. The veggie salad was a hit. I have had two to three ladies ask for the recipe. It was a fast, but fun dinner, and St. Patrick's day.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Two cups

 The other day I was doing some work at the computer, and Raegan wanted me to get her some cholate milk (her most favorite thing on this earth).  I told her to let me finish the thing I was working on, to put the glass on the counter, and I would be right there.  I also had a glass on the counter waiting to be filled with milk. When I was done I filled my glass, and asked Raegan where her glass was. She would point, and say right there. I was looking all over and couldn't fined it. I even went into her room and the family room thinking that maybe it had been taken in one of these rooms. She was insistent that it was on the counter, so I took a better look, and discovered the glass in my glass.  I just stared to laugh, because really.

Our first Baptisim

Tucker is officially eight, baptized, and confirmed. I am so happy that he made this great decision. He was totally excited. Just bounced all over the place for two days. And to add more excitement he has entered the scout program. He loves it. My prayer is that he understands how important the decision he has made of late, and keeps his promises, and covenants.  

Oh my the Birthday's

I love the one sock on, and one sock off.

Okay to add to Christmas, Raegans birthday, and Tuckers birthday we have had two friend birthdays and one cousin birthdays all within two months of one another. So I have tried to come up with tings that are inexpensive, and for all three gifts I spent a total of eight dollars.  All the supplies I had at the house, so at some point in our lives we had to purchase the stuff, but to finish them up, just eight dollars. SO proud of myself, and it was, SO much fun. Tucker seems to like to play with what was made, and since two of them are for boys his age, that make me hopeful.  

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tuckers 8th Birthday

The kids pitted Randan against my brother-in-law Jake in tug of war.


It's official I know have a eight year old. I think of all my kids birthdays this one has been the one that has hit me the hardest.  It has been both hard and exciting all raped up in one. That is normal for me for everything to have it's virtue and vice. I constantly feel a tug of war.
Any way. He wanted to have a  Camo themed party, so I went to my friend Pinterest.  I love Pinterest.  I wish that I would have got a picture of the invitations, games, and decorations.  I felt like I was running around with my head cut off.  I was originally going to have it at our chapel, but it has been closed, except for Sundays, due to some construction and asbestos removal.  We ended up having it at my in-laws shop. We needed a big space that was warm and dry with electricity.
We set up a shooting range and tug or war. The kids got a knock off nurf gun with ammo, a camo bandana, dog tag, and candy rations in their gift bags. They took the guns and shot at the bulls eyes, paper men, and balloons that made up the gun range. They all had a different color ammo so they knew who's were who's.  It was so fun even the adult men wanted to join in. Heck I wanted to join.  Tuckers cup cakes were Camouflage icing and cake.  I am sad I didn't get a picture if them as well. Like I said Chicken with its head cut off.   Tucker had all if his cousins from both sides and three friends. One from primary and two from school.  
Tucker got a few nerf guns, cloths, towel, soap, magic tracks, Legos, and binoculars. All his favorite things.
I think, I hope that he had a great eight birthday.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas 2016

The reason that these two pictures are here is, I had to pay a repairman to come and fix both. Right before Christmas of all times.  Truth be told I need my range fixed as well, but that wasn't in the budget so it will have to wait.

This is what I made for the ladies I serve with in Primary. They are called Whamit Dolls!  There is a darling poem that goes with it saying: "If you get frustrated just take the doll and, Whamit, Whamit, Whamit." I thought that it might be appropriate seeing as we are having a heck of a time finding teachers to accept a calling let alone do there calling.

First snow of the year. Just a skiff, but enough to play in.

Of curse this was Christmas morning, andTucker has now officially hit the stage of over excitement. He gets what is going on. We were up two to three times before it was actually time. Tucker had been asking all the way back in the summer for a fork lift like his dad see's when he goes out to a rig. He wanted it to be able to change from a bucket to forks if possible. I was thinking where, and the heck am I going to find one of  these!  Thank heavens for Amazon, because they came though with that.
Reagan all summer, and fall has wanted a doll house. I know that the Barbie Dream houses are very expensive, and not worth what you pay.  It would probably only last a month before it was broken in our house, so I started pinning doll houses to see if I could make her one. I wasn't sure how I would accomplish this, but wanted to try, so she could have her house.  Out of the blue Shasta (My cousin) called and wanted to know if I wanted the doll house that my mom and dad had given me when I was little. My mom had given it to her when I grew out of it.  I was almost in tears with gratitude for answered prayers. I told her absolutely YES! I wasn't sure what kind of shape it would be in, and she warned me that it was looking it age, so I was still nervous until I saw it.  It was definitely something I could work with. I had her drop it off at mom's so she wouldn't have to make the hour + drive from Roosevelt,  I had to wait until after I had Madalynn, but once I had a month or two under my belt with her, I would go on weekend and work on it.   There is a wood shop in vernal that sales hand-made wood items for kids, they do cabinets and specialty items also. Mom had a table re-toped there. I got all the furniture there and painted it colors I hoped Raegan would like. I sanded and painted the house, put it on stilts with casters to roll, put some wall stickers for decoration, hung a mirror, and some pictures of the kids, and got some place mates for rugs. I even found some food and dishes at amazon for not to much so I got that to make it (what I think would be) fun.  You need to know that I was really trying to be frugal, and not spend a lot of money this year, because we one didn't have it, and two was expecting some decent doctor and hospital bills for Madalynn, and I. So I cant say enough what a blessing it was that Shasta made that phone call.
Madalynn was a little harder to get, or I should say come up with, something for. I wanted the kids to think it was fun, but she really didn't need anything. She has acid reflux pretty bad they have her on a prescription of zantac, and I have learned that she dose better sleeping if she has a incline, so I found a bed with a incline that is portable on amazon, (are you all thinking I am addicted to amazon? Well you might be right!) and ordered it. I was getting worried because it want coming and Christmas was in a week. When it finally came it was the wrong thing.  It was a shock absorber for some king of vehicle, so I sent the shock absorber back, and luckily was able to find one at Walmart in town.  I should have started there first, but was on such a roll with Amazon.
For Randan I splurged, and got him a chain saw. We don't have one, and thought that it would be the prefect thing. He even had mentioned that he would have liked the one mom gave to Justin.  I had been asking all season what he might like, and he would give me anything, so  I had, what I thought was a light bulb go off, and came up with this idea.  He wasn't as excited as I was hopping for. Bummer.
I got a mate that goes under the desk so that your desk chair will slide around better. I also got a gift certificate to T J Maxx. If you know me you know I love that store.  Of course we got gifts from grandparents and in-laws, but I am not going to type all day.  My shoulders at definitely feeling this.
All in all I think we had a great Christmas, and am so grateful for tiny, but significant miracles.  

Last but not least mom was able to see Drake for a day, a few days before his birthday. She likes us to come up and visit so that the cousins can get together and play.  Mom baked a cake, and we sang Happy Birthday to Drake, knowing we wouldn't get to see him on his actual birthday.  I think, and hope that he had lots of fun.