Thursday, January 28, 2016

Broken Arm

So! We spent two hours in the ER last night, because my daughter was sitting on the arm rest of my mom's couch and fell off. 
she broke both bones in her arm, and had to be sedated  to have the ER doctor reset her arm.  She was such  tough little girl.   I was a mess.  I think maybe I should have been sedated as well. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Decor

Of coarse I had my assistant:)

This was a old picture, and frame that I got at DI for like $7. I had it in storage for I think 2-3 years. 
My sister-in-law was going to give me something similar to the finished product for Christmas, but decided she liked it. I liked it also, and decided that I was going to use the old picture, and frame, and make one like it. 
This is my attempt of before and after. 

This is the finished frame with quote. She hadn't written any thing on hers yet. If I change the quote I will have to remember to post it. 

I also had a few more frames, and saw a cute idea a couple of years ago on a fixer upper I liked.   This was my version. Joanna's was with metal letters, which I liked, but living in vernal wasn't going to get it at a bargen, so I came up with my own version, on a budget.
I know I probably post a lot of these projects that everyone thinks "REALLY" another one,  but it is so fun for me.   When my kids go back and read the books they are going to think come on mom!

Tucker's 7th Birthday

We celebrated Tucker's birthday three days after his birthday because we were in Denver on his birthday. 
He keep telling me he wanted a Star Wars birthday this year.  If you don't know the new Star Wars movie came out this last December.  All the old movies I grew up watching were in the stores to bye, so I got them, and we watched them this Christmas break.  He has talked about them quite a lot, so I gave in and let him have a star wars themed party. 
I know that he really enjoyed it. 
 He helped me decorate his cake, and was very excited. 
We got him some star wars theme toys, and a hot wheels track. Tamara and Randy got him some Lego's. Sue and Jake got him a book and some PJ's, and mom gave him a star wars toy. He also got $ form great grandparents, and some mugs and cups that were star wars themed.  
I am excited to look forward to next year it will be his eight birthday, and a hole new experience for him.

Christmas Morning 2015

My camera died after this last picture or I would have like to have gotten more pictures. Who dose that?  Not make sure their camera is charged before Christmas morning? 
We had a great Christmas!   Pictures or no pictures. 
We tried this year to cut back on the amount we give  and I think we did great. The kids got one gift from mom and dad, one gift from each other and one gift from Santa. everything else was from extended family. I want to keep this up. I made for a lot less stress which I knew it would, I just have always loved to give gifts. I don't know what my obsession is just have loved to find that one thing that is perfect for them, or that one they didn't even know they wanted, but were so excited to get. Something that fits their personality and something that  goes with what they like to do. It also has to be of good quality not cheep, but I want to find it on a bargain.  I think this year we still accomplished my wish lit but cut down a bit.  In the past I go shopping and find a few things and then a shopping trip or two latter find some more. That I just know they will love. I think what has happened is there was just too much to take in, so they focused on one or tow items, and  the  rest got pushed to the side.  They eventually play with it just not for quite a while, so then I think I have wasted all the $ on all  the stuff pushed aside. This year was better concerning that problem. I am going to try very hard to keep it up. 
Like I stated at the top it was a very good Christmas. We got up about 7 am and then it began.  We had a lovely lunch at Sue and Jake's just like we do every year.  Then we came home and some of us got a nap others played with our new items. 
I am grateful for this time of year and how it make you reflect, and ponder on what is most important.  

Raegan's Birthday 2015

I have a three year old daughter I cant believe it!  She has grown up faster then Tucker for me. I think maybe because having two kids your time is spreed thinner.  
If you notice in these pictures she has another frozen dress on like she did last year.  She still loves that movie. We have added Tangled to the mix.  Her cake was a  epic fail she wanted cupcakes so I thought maybe I could do them in the shape of a big cup cake but it doesn't even look close. The cupcakes them selves tasted okay, but wow that is not  a large cup cake. 
She wanted her own make up so I found a vanity on line and got that to go along with the make up I made her. She is too young in my opinion to be wearing anything other then chap stick, so I found this fun thing on Pinterest   where you take a case of old eye shadow and take out the old powder then pour fingernail polish in its place. I didn't have any old eye shadow, so  I went to the dollar store and got a eye shadow case, took out the powder and poured in the polish. I had to let it dry for a day or two  but she got eye shadow.  I also found some lip gloss that rolled on that way it cut down on the mess tremendously.   I did the same process that I used with the eye liner to a blush and she had blush. I finally got a eyelash crimper and some roll in perfume.  I put that all in a small case, and that went with the vanity.   From Mom and Dad.    Tucker gave her a v-tech phone. Sue and Jake gave her a dress up kit and some horses. Tamara and Randy gave her a darling Mini Mouse necklaces, a red and white Polk-a-dot skirt, scarf, and snow boots. Tamara made the skirt and scarf. Mom gave her a doll she can attach to her feet and dance with. She got some money and jewelry and some other things, but I cant remember. That is why I should do this closer to the actual event,  and not try to bing blog.    
All in allI think she had a great day. 

School Program 2015

Tucker had a Christmas Program for school this year.  I don't know if they do it for all the grades, but he had one this year.
He was the pig in the first grade version of the gingerbread man. He is notorious for not doing his parts, and I have to say I was worried, but he got up there and did it with fling colors. He did a very good job.   I also have to add that in the fall he did his part for the Primary Program with to problems  hopefully we are  getting over our fear.