Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's A Girl!

We were able to go to  radiology and have our ultrasound done so we could see how the baby is developing, and what the sex is. "It's a Girl" I was so relived to find out that every thing was OK. I worry,  and seeing her picture (the best we could) made it more  real. I remember with Tucker it did the same thing. The next day I got all of Tuck's cloths and went though all 6 totes. to find what I could that would pass on a girl. I didn't get much. Tuck got a lot for his shower that was blue of coarse. My mom had some cloths that Christine had gone through with Aubree, so I got some way cute things there. I made two of these burp rags that have ribbon that stick out the side (I will have to take pictures) I got one for Tuck and it was the best it help keep entertained and wiped up messes. Always love things that serve with duel purpose's. The first one I made I had to unpick 3 times, but the next went much faster of coarse. I knew what I was doing. I am getting excited to think of all the girl thing we get to dress her up in. Vernal has always had a better selection of girl cloths then boy's. Tucker is also excited to get a baby sister. That is what he wanted from the beginning.

Potty Trainning!

I have been for the last year trying any thing and every thing I could think of to get Tucker to potty train. We have bribed with Dumb Dumb sucker (his favorite) we have put him in time out. We have let him wear underwear. I knew his body was ready. He would wake up with dry diapers. I knew he knew what he was doing. He would acted ashamed, and hide. He didn't want me to watch, and get really upset if I was around. A couple of weeks ago I decided to give the underwear  another shot, so I put him in a pair, and we did wonderful that hole day. He was even running a fever, so I thought this is good right? The next day we put underwear on again. Half way though the day I couldn't hear his chatter any more, and I got worried, so I went looking for him. I found him leaning on a couch we have in our office, legs apart with diaria running down his legs right on  my carpet. I will tell you I didn't handle that very well, actually I am quite ashamed at my actions. While I was freaking out a thought came to me ( don't know how the spirit could have got through or was even present with my ranting) "You need to get one of those potty that are on there own, that sit on the ground." I have to admit I have thought about one in  the past, but they gross me out. Once I thought about it for a while I thought : "They aren't that different from whipping a dirty dipper bum." I got one three days latter, and we haven't had a diaper on sense. I am very particular on keeping it clean. We have a spray bottle with  a Clorox solution we wipe it down with every us. That helps my peace of mind.  It has been ten days tomorrow. My mom bought  Tucker this Jake and the Never Land Pirates boat 3 months ago as a bribe. It has sat on a shelf  for that long. We made that chart you see  in one of the pictures to let him mark off the days. He needed to use the toilet for 10 days in a row to get the boat. Tomorrow night he gets the boat. He is very excited. Mom and Dad are ecstatic.

First from the garden!

Randan and I planted the biggest garden that we ever have this year. We wanted to take the produce, and can alot of things. I don't know why we try. This is the third year and more then half has died. I will say we always get summer swash. We should get some zucchini, a little bit of tomato's, potato's, and maybe onions. so I guess I shouldn't be so negative. We get more and more every year.


I hate taking pictures when they don't do what you are seeing justice. This is one of those. That is actually three rainbow's deep. We were on the mountain moving cows, and it rained. This is what we saw as was were on are way down.

4th of july Parade!

My husband and his Family own a trucking company among other things. This year for the 4th of July parade they had a oil and gas extraction  part of the parade, so we entered a float. This was it with all the generations on it. I was worried it would be way hot. It was overcast so not bad at all. You can't see it very well, but we had little trucks, tractors, and cars tied to the bails of hay, and each one stood for things the oil field effects.

Stock Show!

       Wow I am very behind. I have been ether busy or not feeling very well. All I want to do is sleep. I had a lot of pictures to share on this one but they are so blurry that I think they wont down load. This is the only one that would work. Tucker Showed a Goat in the stock show this year I was nerves but he did such a good job. He got right out there and did what we all taught him. It was the first day of the stock show and the air conditioner wasn't working. Holy cow it was hot. Tucker towards the end just leaned on his dad. His cheek's were so red. He took fifth place in market. He calls it his "Number five ribbon".