Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Front Door Face Lift.

When we built this house I didn't want just a regular white front door. I wanted something original and fun, so going thru the paint swatches I found some fun colors. If you can remember from older posts my door was like a burnt orange. I was getting tired of that color and saw a front door in town that was dark teal, and I just couldn't get it out of my mind.  I loved it. I went a shad or three lighter, and like it just as much.
The desk was my mom's good friend's and when she was moving back to Texas she didn't want to have to move it, so she let me have it. I am sorry I didn't do a before and after picture, (I am horrible at that) but it was blue and nature wood. the pictures are not doing it justice with the color. the lighter color is reading ok but the darker color is not looking right. To tell you the truth the dark color is the color I was going to do my door originally.  The milk can is the same color and the dark color of the desk. It was Grandma and Grandpa Southam's  I want to put the year we moved into this house on it, but I am steal thinking about it, and how I want to do it if at all.
Ok I am sure you might be wondering what is with the knee picture, well I need to post this for my mom I told her I would show her what I did to my leg. She was out of town when this happened, and this was the only way I knew how to show her. I was sanding the desk previously mentioned, and the sand paper on my sander flew off while I was sanding which made my sander skip some how and when it skipped it caught my leg. My advice don't wear shorts while sanding.
P.S. the door hanging or wreath what ever you want to call it I made from so old pallets laying around here. I bought the burlap and "V" but everything else I had, and I love it.

First Time Flying a Kite!

Tucker received a kite form the Easter bunny and has wanted to fly it ever sense. the wind was ether to strong or not strong enough. This day it was just right. I got it in the air for him and turned it over thinking that it wouldn't stay in the air very long. I finally had to tell him to let it down so we could go get his goat worked. I was very impressed that my 5 year old was able to do that so well his first time.     

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tucker's Preschool Graduation

This is what Tucker and I gave Mrs. Renae for the teacher appreciation gift.  

These are what Tucker gave his classmates for graduation.



This is Tucker Frozen. He wouldn't say his part. We have been practicing it for three weeks he just wont say in front of people. I bribed him, made it a game, talked him thru it, Randan gave him a blessing, he even got brought home from the ranch one time because he wouldn't tell Grandpa his part. The class recited it while he stood there. In case you were wondering what his part was it was this: "a hunting we will go, a hunting we will go hi, ho, the merry-o, a hunting we will go.

This is Tucker receiving his diploma for preschool, and Mrs. Renae giving him his diploma. 
I am so glad that we decided to put Tucker in preschool he really matured while in this preschool. You could just see it. He grew both physically and mentally. I cant wait to see what the years bring. I am very glad he is apart of our family.

Tuckers car race

Every school year Renae has a Preschool Olympics day and on this day they do a speedway race and you make a box car. Tucker was able to go to his cousin Waylon's last year and no joke since then he wanted me to do a Utah Highway Patrol car. I guess I could have got a little more creative, but what he had was made for speed, the wind was blowing bad this day (that is why Raegan is in her winter coat), and it was a cool north wind. There were some way cute cars, trucks planes, and motorcycles. It was hilarious to watch the kids run with these boxes some were bigger then them I am amazed the wind didn't come up and take them away. Tucker was third or forth. he did so good, and had so much fun.   

Mothers Day 2014

I wanted  to wait and post this today because, I just got my mother's day gift today, and I wanted it to be in the post. I didn't want to have two mothers day posts. I got this "Lodge Enamel Frying Pan." I am so "Excited" I am trying to come up with something  delish for dinner, so I can try it out.
The bags and there continents you see are what I gat out to all the mothers in this family.  I love giving gifts. I love the creativity behind it. If you think hard enough and  listen good enough then you can come up with fun stuff. I think its more fun to give gifts then to get them. especially if it is something they really want.