Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Haloween Door!

I have always wanted to decorate my front porch for Halloween. This is about the most I have done. Ever. So we are working up little by little. I want to do a lot more so maybe it will bet better and better. I want to do a scare crow, webs and spiders, lots of pumpkins, skeletons and mice all kinds of stuff. Tucker's puppy Spots will tare it to shreds if I put much more so maybe next year she wont eat the crap out of every thing that crosses her path.  
P.S. I copied this of  Pinterest

Raegan's Second Apple!

I was @ my Mom's house the other day and when I was there we pilled an apple for Raegan. Tucker had some apple pieces and She saw them and wanted some. I didn't dare give her slices just yet, so mom went out to her garage, and found a dowel rod stuck it thru the apple. She loved it in face it was like a dog when they are being possessive. she almost growled. A day or two later I had her on the counter and she got a hold of the apples you see in the back. I pilled one and stuck the wood cloths pins Mom sent me home with me. I have to admit the dowel rod worked better.  She is one happy camper.

Frist Day of School 2013!

Well it's official Tucker in now a student. His first day of  Pre-School was September 3.  He goes  three days a week Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  The name of His school Is Country Lane  Academy. He is there for three hours a day.  I thought the first day I would be a balling mess, but I did really well.  I  am so excited for him to start this adventure he seems to really be enjoying it.