Saturday, November 26, 2016

My Three Musketeer

I know, I know, there is like 300 pictures, so please bare with me but, I print my blog into a book every year, and I wanted all of theses pictures in it.
 I have a dear friend ( Joie) who is an awesome photographer.  I might have mentioned her before, but she told me that she would like to take  some new born pictures after I had Madalynn. I was ecstatic, and took her up on her offer.   Theses are the results. 

Pie in the face

This year for Thanksgiving we went to my In-laws for lunch and was quite nice we had all the fixings.  After we ate they played some games one of which was this "pie in the face" game.  The kids loved it, and played it over and over. I thought it was funny, and glad that they were out side. It caused quite the mess.  

New hair do

My sister-in-law has done this style with her daughter a few time's, and every time I see it I think that it is so cute, so I wanted to try it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Relaxing Saturday

Maybe relaxing wasn't the correct title, but in a way it was, and that is why I titled it Relaxing.  Mom took the kids and I to Denney's for brunch. The kids saw the cups and wanted one. I said no, but grandma said yes.
I want to put a emoji right hear to express some emotion, but to no avail.  
The kids had Rudolf pancakes, I had a salted caramel and banana pancake thing, and mom had their "moon over my hammy."  It was good, sweet, but good.  I had my monthly grocery shopping to get over with, so mom came and helped. I generally can do it all by myself, but with the new baby I needed some help. So glade she was their to help. I had to stop half way to nurse, and I was able to do that with out worrying about the kids, and their shenanigans, all because of mom.  Thanks MOM!  


I had to document this huge apple. I have never in my life seen an apple this big these pictures don't even do it justice.
We went to a store (Davis Food and Drug) here in vernal a few nights ago to get their fried chicken dinner (very good). They were having their fill it fresh bag's. They have a bag that you can fill it full of produce for $11each month.  We got white raspberries, and lots of other produce, but I had to get one of these apples. I cut it open for dinner, and we all ate on it for our dinner. We all love apples, so I was glade that it took care of all of us.   I guess when it was as big as it was it should have.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

Randan was a UDOT worker. Madalynn was and Escaped Convict. Reagan was Elsa. Tucker was a Knight. 

I did this because you couldn't see Madalynn's costume in the picture.

This year was no different then any other year. We went to Trunk-o-Treat, then to Grandparents houses then home. Same old same old. The only difference was Madalynn. She sleep the whole time so we were up till midnight. Yuck.