Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valintines Day

Did I ever get a surprise this day.  My husband isn't big on sending flowers of giving gifts for holidays except birthday's and Christmas, so you can imagine the surprise when my mom was calling me and telling me to come out side she had something for me (delivery to Jensen was $20 if the flower shop would have delivered).  I was so excited. I know that they will die and its not something that will lat for ever and ever, but the thought will. Thank you Randan and Tucker. I love you.


They have these carts at Jubilee that the kids can ride in and hopefully it will keep them entertained. We had 4 of the grand kids and one cart. You do the math.  Lets just say we learned the lesson of sharing this day, and hope it sticks.


As I have stated in previous post my son love's to climb up on the counters in the kitchen. The other day I was cooking dinner, (why does evrything go rong durring dinner prep?) and  I could'nt hear him, that is never a good sign.  I turned around to start looking for him, and descovered that he had pushed a stool up to the counter and found the lotion wich I had left out from the night befor.  I should by now know better.  He like's to rub the lotion in all by him self.  You know the independent stage.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Drinking Glass

My son has discovered regular drinking glasses verses sippy cups.  He thinks there the cats meow.  Well some of the time.  This morning I made french toast and bacon. One of my favorites.  When I was setting the table I put a small glass for him buy this plate, put water in it, and went on.  About two hours later he ask for some water.  I went to give him his sippy cup, and he said, " No, that one." Pointing to the glass he had with breakfast.  He does quite well.  So far, fingers crossed.  I tell hem to stand on a line in the linoleum and he thinks that's cool.  I hope that the novelty never wares off.  Then again I know better.  I think that these pictures turned out pretty cool, with the light and all. Have to give me a pat on the back. I just stumbled on it.  My guess is it will ever happen again.  I will say that the glass needs cleaned stick finger's and all, but then again that's what make it special.  Now if we could figure out potty training I might have to figure out how to illuminate it the same way.

Oh the Wind!

First of all I want to say that this is the second time I have tipped this in the stink'en computer. Some how I lost the first draft.  I guess I will try to simplify.  We got a nasty wind and snow storm Monday night.  It lasted until yesterday evening.  24 hours isn't very long, I know, but it did some pretty good damage here at the Vincent house.  As you can see in the pictures. This all started  year after Randan and  I moved in. (Are contractor left the siding out in the elements, and the sun warped it.  We had to bye new and use what we could of the old.) It started to pull up, and every wind storm we would have it would get a little worse. This last summer we had a good wind storm and it took its first peace. Yesterday It took it's second. I have wanted to get it fixed, but not sure how to go about it, and Randan is so busy.  The part that makes me laugh is ( I wanted to put the word: "Ierny" in there, but wasn't sure how to spell it) Randan got a new ladder for Christmas and I got a new drill. We have no screw's. Randan came home last night and was going to screw as many as he could in till we figured something out, but like I said no screw's. Maybe Santa should have put screw's in a stocking. I also want to insert  this: "I am so thankful that I have a hard working husband. He was working all night, driving truck, to an oil rig in Colorado, in this storm that I just mentioned, he had to sleep in his truck because he didn't get done with the rig till 3:00 am. I love him with all my heart. If you were to talk to him this all was "no big deal."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


First of all I want to say that I don't want this to be a pity party. I started this blog so that I could catalog, or journal my life (like my friend Joie told me I can print this all out at the end of each year).  That's what I am doing this. Yesterday was two year's since my father past a way. It was such a shock to all of us. I guess that any accident is a shock.  I am so grateful that my family and I have knowledge and testimonies of the gospel. As we have reflected on the events that happened leading up to, and even after, we were able to see may blessing's even down to a free dump day. I wanted to catalog some of my memories and qualities of my father.
1. Very intelligent.
2. Had a true Testimony, and magnified his callings to the fullest.
3. Major tees almost ruthless.
4. Loved his family with all his heart, and loved his time with them.
5. Very organized. Loved it when the house was clean and yards manicured just so.
6. One of the hardest workers I know.
7. Very handsome.
8. He loved to fly fish and was very good at it. He made his own fly's, and self taught on both.
9. I knew that if I had any trouble with anything that he could fix it.
10. Loved,  loved, loved, being a Grandfather.
11. Sang really quite well.
12. Had a temper
13. Last but not least he helped Randan and I finish ower house. I am able to go around and see things that he did and remember all the hard work he did for us. He wanted it to be so perfect and when something wouldn't match up he would figure it out or it frustrated him. For instants My bathroom door's molding he had to peace together that bothered him, but now with him being gone I love to look at it, and tell him hi.
I miss my dad and love him with all my heart but I also know with all my heart that I will be able to see him again. That is if I live worthy. Better get to work.

P.S. If I could figure out how to scan a picture in on my printer then I would have had some pictures for this one. Maybe I can do some later when I have Randans help.