Friday, August 16, 2013

My Birthday 2013!

I got The flu for my Birthday. When we were up and the family reunion Aunt Lauana got sick and Sunday night when we got home I started throwing up and other stuff. Holy cow I haven't been that sick for a while.  My mom called me  Mon. morning wanting to know if I was sick and tell me that her and Grandma were along with a lot of the people that were at the reunion. My birthday was Tuesday so by then I had stopped the runs and throwing up but was steel touchy to the tommy and way week. Randan cooked me dinner and baked a cake. I waited to eat a piece till he got home from his water meeting he has the second  Tuesday of every month. He cut me a piece and put a single candle in it, brought it over to me because I was sitting on the couch watching a show,and sang Happy Birthday. Tucker painted me the picture you see and, my sister-in-law had her son run me over some cookies. That is what I got for my birthday, that and the Flu. I think I can handle never having a birthday like that again.

Manwaring Reuion 2013!

Last Friday and Saturday was the Manwaring Reunion at the Heber Valley Camp (where all girls go for Girls Camp). The earliest we could be there was 3:00 I think, well anyway we got there around 5:00 got unloaded found which room we were going to be in and went and ate. We had Spaghetti, roll's with butter, green salad, corn, and a smorgasbord of deserts. After we ate there was a program the coolest music thing we did with everyone you would whack different seized pipes that were color codded to match the colors on a poster board and it made a tune, and a getting to know you game. The picture above is of Grandma Southam and all her sibling singing "Have I told you lately that I love you." I guess Grandpa and Grandma Manwaring would sing that to one another.
Next we watched slide DVD with pictures of a lot of people I don't know. I guess that is my own fault. Mostly I tried to keep track of my son running off in the woods. Mom did help me with most of the people and I will tell ya Grandpa Manwaring was quite the looker.
The next day we were in charge of breakfasts we had bacon, eggs, pancakes, lots of fruit, and orange juice. There were some games the kids and some of the adults could play but I went and helped clean up Mom's Garamdma's and my sleeping mess. We stayed with Aunt Dinna, Brittany and her two kid, and Bethany Just about this time they did a auction and auctioned of some quilt blocks and half made quilts Grandma Manwaring had started. I got  a multi colored quilt block basket, and if I ever get a blanket made out of it I will take a picture and show. After the auction we ate lunch which was sloppy Joe's, chips, potato salad, macaroni salad, and cookies.  We hung around to see who got the raffle which was a fully made quilt that Grandma Manwaring made I think the only thing was some one finished it by putting a bottom on it. I entered but Aunt Lawana got it.  We had to wait to be check off on our cleaning duty's, but once we cleared mom and I headed off the mountain to Provo because I have a cousin serving a mission and we were so close that we decided to stay a night and watch he talk. I love getting to got and see people I haven't seen in years. They say there is another is two years so until then.  

Seaworld 2013!

The Shamu underwater viewing area

The Sting Ray pond. You can pet and feet the Sting Ray's. Randan bought some food and help Tucker Feed the Ray's.

This was my favorite show. It was a Sea Lion show. Hilarious.

This is Tucker and Randan watching the Sea Lion Show.

Since Randan doesn't like spinning anything I took Tucker on a couple rides and broke him in.

These two pictures are of Tucker and Reagan on the way back to Anaheim. They were getting tired of all the traveling so I got out some finger puppets and had Tucker play and help keep his sister entertained. 

The last day before we flew out we went down to San Diego, and went to Sea World. It was about a two hour drive from Anaheim. It was fun to see the country side and a little of the ocean. I am glade we went but for next time I would rather spend the extra day at Disneyland.  Maybe it's because I think the kids and well everyone was done.

Disneyland and Califonia Adventure.

Randan and Tucker waiting to see Mickey Mouse.

I have to explain the face. This was the day after we flew in and went to the Beach (we flu in and went to the Beach the First day in California) first day at Disneyland. the night before when I was putting my contacts away I shut the case and it ripped it, so I had to wear the glassed and now that I wear  my contacts all the time with sunnies,  I can't wear my glassed out side, or I water like crazy. My eye's are so sensitive. It hurts.  I finally broke down and bought a visor. I think you will see it some of the pictures. I helped.   
I loved how they had all their bushes and tree's manicured.
These ones were my favorite. Some were animals some were mickey mouse heads.

This was us waiting for the parade in Disneyland to start. It was hot! But a different hot then I know. Humid hot. Even my sun burn burned different. Very interesting. It would be 68 degrees and feel like 90.

This is us waiting for the parade to start in Adventures and notice we found shade this time much better.

The kids saying his to Goofy

Ok so this is the second time I have tried this and I will tell ya I don't recommend doing it that many times with this many pictures unless you want to be at the computer all day long.
We went to Disneyland on Wed. July 31st 2013 I will say I loved it Tucker loved it Randan liked it and Raegan well steal to be determined. Tuckers favorite ride (I think) was the Pirates of the Caribbean. Mine was Space Mountain. Tucker and I both hated Splash Mountain. When he got off the ride we asked him what he thought. He didn't like it. If I could figure out how to scan the picture they take of you on the ride and place it here I think you would understand. I know for me I hate the rides that just drop you. My hole body tenses up and I have now idea where my stomach goes some how it comes back. Its a mirical.  We have tried to ask  Tucker why he didn't like the ride and it changes ever time.  Just like when we ask him what ride was his favorite. That changes to. Disneyland was my favorite. the only two rides I liked at Adventure was. Cars and Soarin' Over Disney. Which I think was Randan's favorite, it's hard to tell with him. Oh wait I also liked Ariel's Grotto. Now remember it so big that you don't get to ride every ride in the amount of time we had so I want to go back to get more in. I think they have so much detail is everything. Its so clean, and with the amount of people that's saying something.  I loved it! I loved it! I loved it!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

California or bust

Well we did it we made our trip to California. We left Monday July, 29 2013 And stayed in Salt Lake. The next morning we got up and worked are way thru the mess and the airport, Have to say that is quite an experience with children. We made it to Long Beach California around 2:00-3:00 pm. We got the van (BUS) we rented and headed to the house we rented for the week. Once we figured out who's room was who's we got are beach gear on and headed to Huntington Beach. That was my first experience at a beach and I have to say I like it. I kind of took it slow at first just because I wasn't sure how it all works. I am amazed at the pull and strength the ocean has. Randan was amazed at the way the sand just disappears form underneath your feet. I didn't see a wave that was coming from behind me and it took me down and washed my brand new sunglasses out to sea. I want to go back when the kids are older.  Tucker and Randan, Uncle Jake, Waylon, and Grandma build Sandcastle's. Raegan and Grandpa stayed up on the beach where it was dry. I wish I lived by and ocean. I absolutely loved it the only thing I didn't like was the pounds of sand that stay with you. Its everywhere.   

Sitting all on my own

This is a little late. She has been able to sit for about a month I just haven't had to time to talk about it, or get a picture for that mater. I am getting worried on her  rolling over she will not let me lay her down on her stomach. She throws a major fit. Has form the time she was born. She loves to be up looking around. Also didn't know that I would have to start the lets share talk with Reagan at 7 months old, but any time her brother gets any ware near her stuff she gets after him. and stiffens up and looks right at him like don't you dare. I wonder if its because when I get after Tucker she sees that, and that's what she knows, so she dose that. If that is the case that's makes me feel horrible. I already fell that is the only way to get thru to Tuck is to Yell!!! Point in case: Today I asked him to put his pajamas away and then I went in to find that they were steel on the bed and floor so I asked him again with a more stern voice. The third time I just yelled and got after him. I think Raegan see's  these instances day in and day out, and that is all she knows so that is how she reacts . It could be a little bit of personality mixed. Who knows? All I know is I feel guilty.