Friday, October 24, 2014

Red Ribbon Week Day #5

Day #5 was "Crazy Hair Day."  I thought Tucker would be the most excited about this one.  But he hated having the bugs Karol syruped, and the bugs bobby pined in his hair.  He said it hurt.  When he got off the bus  to come home  he didn't have any of the bugs in his hair.  I asked him how long he left them in and he said till he got to school.  I told him over and over before we even go him off  to school that he could wash it out and we would come up with something else.  He said no that he liked it.  Who knows?

Red Ribbon Week Day #4

Day #4 was Red Day.  We sprayed red in Tucker's hair to get as "Red" as we could

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Red Ribbon Week Day # 3

Mustache Day.  I found these mustache's in a set of seven at that dollar store. They are stickers that are fuzzy, very fun. Tucker was very excited for this one.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Randan's 34th Birthday

They ether had $ of gift cards in them

A blanket that his Grandma made she has since passed  but Papo gave it to him for his gift

I gave him a new wallet with a gift card inside.  Usually he is so slow taking care of any of his gifts that I thought I would have time to take a picture of the new wallet.  First thing he did when we got home was change over to the new one.  So all I could do was get the box.  

I asked Tucker what he wanted to get his Dad for his birthday and supplied him with some options.  He said:  I know!   I know!  I want to get him some sock.  Reagan got him the caramels. 
We went to Seven Eleven Ranch Café to eat dinner all of his family was there except my two siblings and there family's.  We made him a white cake with, white icing,  and chopped nuts on top.  That is his favorite unless it changes over the years that is what I will make every year.  The staff at the café sang happy happy birthday to him.   It was fun to watch him laughed and get red.  My in-laws paid for everyone's meal.  That was very nice. I was excepting to take care of everyone's meal but they beat me to the punch.  I hope that everyone had lots of fun they all seemed to.  Randan  thank me for the fun party, so I guess I can say:  Check!    
Side Note:  I am never very good at getting pictures of him on his birthday.  Something I will have to work on.

Red Ribbon Week Day #2

Day two is Duct Tape day. 

Red Ribbon Week Day #1

Our school district has a week every year called "Red Ribbon Week."  Why they do this is to teach the kids about being drug free.  They get to do something crazy or out of the norm each day of the week.  Monday was Hat Day.  This was the hat I sent with Tucker that he didn't wear.  I was in town yesterday running errands by the time I was done Tucker was out of school, so instead of letting him ride the bus home, I picked him up.  He was packing out his hat of the building, and I asked him what did everyone think of your hat he said, I didn't wear it.

Water Colors

On Sunday I could tell  the kids were getting restless, so I asked Tucker if he wanted to paint, and of cores Reagan, wanted to do just what her brother was doing.  I hope it doesn't  hurt you to eat water colors because that is exactly what Reagan was doing. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cousins Annual Halloween Gifts



When my sister-in-law and I started to have kids we started the tradition of giving a package to each others  kids for Halloween.  I have to say I am excited for mine this year.  I was able to do it for under $6 dollars each.  I like the drinks the best. I have seen where you are able to print off Halloween labels and stick on top of the current bottle labels.  Looked so much fun, but I guess I am not computer savvy enough to figure it out, so when I found these at the dollar store I was elated.  There are 8 in a pack.  Different sizes for the different sized drink.  I want it documented that I did a before and after picture.  Yippee!


This last Monday we went to moms for FHE.  For dinner we wanted to have some rolls with our dinner, so mom whipped us up some.   Reagan was very intrigued. I will say both of my children love to be in the kitchen with me while I am cooking.  Well unless there is something more exciting. 

Monday, October 13, 2014


I have been wanting to get a tricycle for years now and just never have, but I was in Wal-Mart the other day and found this tricycle for not much Reagan has been wanting to ride with Tucker and had nothing to do it on so now if we can just figure out how to do it we will be golden.
P.S. You would have thought I would have got the angle with the grass in the back ground and not the weeds.


Like I said in the previous post I was at mom's last Saturday.  I was inside helping her with some things, and all the kids were outside playing.  All of a sudden Reagan comes flying in the house saying "Momma, Momma!" I could tell that she was nervous, so I looked out side to see the cause, and lone behold there were some tom turkeys and a hen out in mom's yard.  The kids were playing with them, and they got a little close for Reagan's comfort. 
It was fun to watch the toms protect the hen.  How they puffed up and the noises they made.  There feathers in the light were metallic and there faces were the pretest colors. I didn't know that when they got worked up that there faces change colors.  I think Tucker enjoyed it to. 

For Drake

On Saturday I went to mom's to see if there was anything she needed me to help her do to get prepared for the winter out side. She hurt her back putting some hoses last week so I wanted to make sure she didn't do that again.  We didn't get anything done because we "Waffled" at the mouth to long, she was cooking Chicken noodle soup for a family in the ward, and the kids all together are time consuming. Enjoyable, but time consuming.
Mom wanted me to get some pictures while she had the majority of her Grandkids around so she can send them to Drake.   Because of the circumstance she doesn't get to see him very much.  When she dose he has commented that he misses his "friends" (which are his cousins).  Mom got the idea to send him a photo album that she can update pictures when needed.  I guess it needed some updating.
I am glade that I am not a photographer for a living.  Theses where the two best, and they both have issues.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Suprize! Bug!

Raegan and I had just come in form mowing the lawn and was sitting down enjoying our lunch when I looked over to Raegan to tell her to eat when something caught my eye.  I saw something move and so I did a double take an found this on Reagan shoulder.  I wanted to scream but I knew that would just freak Raegan out,  so I quickly got myself together,  took my napkin,  grabbed he bug, and showed Raegan. She pulled her Gross face and said ewe.  we laughed and I let it go.  Crises averted.  


Davis Elementary PTA had a Carnival last Friday in the lunch room.  They need a bigger lunch room.  We were crammed in there.  It was 50 cents a ticket  We got $15 dollars worth and it was more then enough.  They had a fishing booth ( it was the most popular),  a musical number's game, popcorn booth, snow cone booth, one where you aimed a ball at some holes cut into a board, balloon pop booth, guess the weight of a pumpkin ( you got to keep the pumpkin if you guess right), a face painting booth, one where you tossed balls in cups that were floating in moving water, and in the hall a ball race.  You sat on these ball's that had handles at the top and bounced down the hall and back up. 
It was very fun.   I can only remember one carnival at any of my schools, and I just remember how fun it was, and the fishing booth.
I think Tucker wants to go again if they do it again.

Breakfast and Being a Good Example

The other morning I made German Pancakes for breakfast.  Tucker always wants to help me bake so when he heard me turn on the oven he was right by my side.  I told him to watch the butter melting in the pan in the oven when I came around the corner I saw he had a little helper.  She has started to copy tucker I have explained a few times to him that he better be very carful what he dose she is always watching her big brother.
P.S. I wanted to get the picture of them communicating and watching the butter, but I was to late.


When Reagan was born she had a good amount of hair.  As she got older it thinned out.  She also had a patch in the back that wore completely down to the scull.   As her hair grew back it looked funny where it had worn down .  This last summer I trimmed it,  and when I did that I thought I had cut all her curls out.  I was quite upset.  I shouldn't have worried cause they were just fine.  As her hair has grown they returned.  The other day I was curling my hair,  and Raegan was watching me.  I could see by the look on her face she was intrigued, so I asked her if she wanted me to curl her hair.  She said her usual a ha, so away we went and this is what we ended up with.