Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hair Cut Reagan gave Her Self

I guess the title of this one speaks for it self.
Reagan was in the kitchen of my mom's house two weeks ago waiting for me to get done helping my mom with Facebook. I guess she was done waiting, got board, found some scissors on the table, and took to her own hair. I knew some thing was wrong because, I couldn't hear her, or she wasn't in the  room with me and mom. I walked out, and thought nothing was wrong seeing her playing with hair clips. But I looked at her face, and got this feeing that she knew she was in trouble, but I couldn't see that she had done anything wrong until I went to get her, so I could put her shoes on, and saw the hair on the ground.  My sister wear's  these hair pieces, and so I thought it might be from that, or maybe she had pulled the hair from the brush that was in a basket on the table, but after further inspection realized that it was "HER" hair.   I also found some in the family room by the couch.  I guess there was a part of me that knew it was inevitable, but hoped it would never happed.   

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2015 Regional Women's Conference

Wow I don't fell that I have earthly words to descried how awesome this was I am not sure why, but I was emotional just walking into the stake center.  All three of the speaker's were so awesome.  I know Paris because she is my cousins aunt.  I know Joleen, because I went to school with her, and I know Matt from KSL's Studio Five.  He is on that some times.
I walked a way crying and don't think I actually  stopped until Monday.
I also would like to report we are apart of a new ward, official last Sunday. Split Mountain Ward. No longer in Jensen ward. Jensen is the other ward down here. They did this because of all the growth we have had the last couple of years.  I have been very excited about this, and am excited to go to church this Sunday to see are new ward, and to meet new people.   What they did was split are old ward into two, and added a little from the west to both wards.  Are hole stake got a rerouted. We all meet together last Sunday.  We were busting at the seems. They sustained and gave thanks to the new and old bishoprics. I have never been apart of something like this is was awesome to watch, and it touched my soul. You could really feel the spirit.    

Don't Trie this at Home

Crystal brought  her and her two girls for a long weekend to Vernal It was fun I got to see them for two of the four days they were out.  To tell you the truth it was my first time to meet Kori and she is seven months old.  So fun to spend the time with them and get to know them better.  The  first night we made homemade chicken noodle soup.  We made our own noodles and poured it over mashed potato's. The second night was mom's anniversary, so we took her over to a place in Myton called the "Hide Out."  If you order a stake on a stone they bring out a chunk of green wood with a thick lava rock that they cooked four 4 hours to get it hot enough to cook your stake. Then on top of that is your raw stake that as you cut it up an turn it.  It cooks!  Craziest thing I have ever seen, but it is very good.   
The night we had our soup, mom wanted to take some pictures of her grandkids. They were all there except one. Drake!  Holly Crap!  That has got to go down in my history of hardest photo shoots so far.  They wouldn't sit still.  Just as we would get one settled, another one would get going. Oldest to youngest.  It was absolutely nuts. 
The bottom picture is the best I could do.  Only about half are smiling, and their not all looking where they are suppose to.
Even though it was a crazy weekend, it was a fun Weekend!

Love notes

There are two girls in Tucker's class that are a little to friendly in my opinion.
The other day I was going through Tucker's book bag like I do every day and I found this I asked him what it was a he told me that it was from on of the two girls she had given  it to him that day.  I am a little worried we are only 6 years old.


Frist of all I want to say I am glade that they decided to do this in a part of the house that had no clutter. 
Not sure what was happing this morning, but I remember looking over, and seeing the two kids playing music with rubber bands on this stool.  Thought it was quite creative.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Car Trace

The orange rectangle is the license plate

The other day I gave Tucker a much needed hair cut.  Raegan and Tucker wanted to stay outside in the garage and use the chalk.  like I said a post or two ago it has been very windy and cold, so the garage was a happy medium to be able to go out side. 
I came out to check on them and this is what Tucker had done.  Each person is Randan, Tucker, Reagan, and I.  He put each of us by our doors. I thought it was so cute and funny. I had to document it.
I am sorry for the messy garage, and blood on the floor. One of our cats had just got something. That is so gross, but I am glad to have mouser's.  Not loving how they make a mess and destroy everything, (this goes for our dog also) but like that they have their purpose.  

Easter Egg Hunt

Tucker Wasn't happy to only have "Five Eggs."  We had to have a talk.  

The big kids playing "Mother may I?"  while the eggs were being hidden.  It has been crazy windy here, and cold, so Reagan was in the back of my car and I was standing there so she wouldn't fall out.  

They were counting them to make sure they had them all.  We didn't have a lot of eggs so we did ti twice.  Lots of fun watching those kidos  find the eggs the three oldest would take off,  and I couldn't keep up, so I don't have very many pictures of them.  

Easter Sunday 2015

What a fun Easter this year was.  Tucker was the first one up.  He came in to Randan, and my room, crawled onto bed with us, and went back to sleep until Raegan woke up. We then went out to the family room to see if the Easter bunny brought anything, and to watch conference. I just love being able to watch and lesson.  I don't know how the Mormon Tabernacle Choir get through the songs with out bawling.  I through my back out two days before conference and, so we  didn't do a lot of prep for this day.  Well not like I would have liked.   I love to clean the hole house the Friday before Conference.  I enjoy conference lots better that way, and if I am way good I like to have fun snack foods.  We didn't get to die Easter eggs until Sunday afternoon. Tucker and Randan were out of town till Saturday night, and like I said I was down. 
I love conference.  I crave the testimony building, and the spirit that it brings.
The two chairs that the kids have are from the Easter Bunny. Thought they were kind of cool. They also got stuffed bunny's, candy, Tucker a ball, bat, and glove, and Lego's, (tucker loves Lego's, will play with them for literally hours) and Reagan a Elsa doll. They played and played and hopefully got something out of conference.            


Maybe I wasn't all the way awake yet.  Every morning I wake up and have to get Raegan some Chocolate milk.  We have that Breakfast Essentials that the kids, Randan, and I really like.  I don't mind them having a glass a day  or maybe I should say a half a glass.  About a week or, two, ago I got up and started to make Raegan some milk, and well I guess you can tell that I pored the milk into the powder container instead of the powder into the Sippy cup.