Friday, March 27, 2015

Celebrating the arts

Tucker had a performance last night, March 26 2015, for the, "Davis Celebrating the Arts." It was a very last minute thing. We got a phone call the day before from the school, and Tucker had a paper sent home with him the day before.
 His song was "Pearly Shells" it had actions,  and as soon as the actions stared, he stared to cry.  He has this fear of be in front of people.  Sometimes its not as bad as others.  We started off ok and then melted.  I am so glad that he got up, and stood there though out the song.  Practice make progress. The little girl in the purple shirt and, green lay right by Tucker, is a little girl that has started calling Tucker and wanting him to come over to play during the weekend.  I want him to have friends and to be Christ like, but he is a little to young.  Just my opinion.   

We went to Golden Coral after to eat. Tucker loves their chocolate bar, he got a marshmallow covered in chocolate, Raegan wanted one, so we got her one, she stuck the hole thing in her mouth, and started to choke.  It scared me just a little. She's a choker.  I love the chocolate mustache she has one on top and bottom you can't see it in this picture. 
Tucker was proud of himself for finishing his that is the picture above.
I didn't know whether to put the picture of Reagan, and I eating cotton candy in this for two reasons One: Our table is a mess, and that embarrasses me.  Second I don't need the cotton candy as you can plainly see in this picture, but now it is documented.  Yuck.  A big old blob eating a big old blob. Yep Just what I need.   

St Patrick's Day

I decided to make green pancakes and Green milk for St. Patrick's day.   Tucker had green pants on thank heavens.  Reagan on the other hand no green except the pancakes on her face.  I marked St Patrick's day on the calendar and, he had been doing some stuff in school in regards to St. Patrick's Day, so it think it was fun for him.   

Friday, March 13, 2015

Disney On Ice

Raegan's souvenir was a Anna doll from Disneys Frozen. She wouldn't let go of it, so I could have her hold it, so you could see it better.   

Tucker's was a sword from Sleeping Beauty.  

This one and the next three pictures are their reaction. Love it.

Last week end, March 7th, we took the kids out to Disney on Ice Celebrations.  It was so, fun I don't know who had more fun me or the kids.  We left Saturday morning, and decided to get lunch as soon as we got in to the city.  I love myself some Olive Garden.  We had a little time till we needed to be in our seats so we went down to Draper to the Living Planet Aquarium but didn't got because the line was about 10 car lengths out the door and people were steel walking up to the line.  Plan B was to go bowling, but we would have to wait an hour till open bowling.  Plan C was Target, so we went there and found some good deals.  We decided to get dinner before the show so we weren't eating at 9:30.  We ate a Red Lobster another favorite.   Randan Came up with a geniuses plan.  We parked at Little America and walked a block till we reached the tracks. we rode the rest of the way till the Energy Solution Arena.  It was lost cheaper then paying 20 dollars to park there, and the kids thought is was a blast. 
I wish I would have got better pictures of the performers, but we go so raped up.  Randan commented that it didn't feel like two hours worth of acts. They keep it going very well.  Our favorite part was the Fantasia seen. The brooms were awesome.  If you have the opportunity to go.  GO!

I'm A Ding Dong!

Last week, earlier in the week, we got a good little storm that gave us a few inches of wet snow.  This particular day Raegan was steel felling crappie, and I had just found out that my 11 month old nephew came down with ammonia.  There has also been a big RSV out break, so  Randan suggested I take her in again,  just to have her checked, so I called the next morning and got her in.  I got a bit mixed up in my times, because we were a hour early to school.  I took Tucker into his class, and his teacher looked at me funny, so I told her that Tucker wanted me to bring him in thinking that might be the problem, until she said: "You know you are a hour early!"  I wanted to crawl in a hole.  Then I just laughed.    I feel like this last year I am completely loosing it.  So I took them out side and let them play in the fresh snow on the huge front lawn.  It was warm in the sun.   Tucker wanted to make a snow man, and a snow angel.  We didn't have the proper attire for the snow man, so we used what we could find around on the ground.  It was fun to watch the resourcefulness.  I guess that was a positive made out of a negative.    

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hair Bows

WOW!  OK!  I have been horrible this last month doing anything with my computer.  I haven't been feeling my best both physically and emotionally.   We caught some crud that has been going around and I'll tell ya it lasts forever.  So far Tucker is the only one who hasn't got it. 
I wanted to catalog this hair do of my daughters, and explain.  My niece, Aubree,  was baptized and confirmed  this last week end.  My mom wanted to make her a bow for her hair to got with the dress and shoes she got for her.  That is a story on its own. My mom ordered a dress at the beginning of February so that it would be here the end of February.  It never came, and never came, so she ended up calling them the  Monday before the baptism. They told her that that dress was on back order and wont be there for four to six weeks. She wasn't happy, because it took her for ever to decide on the dress.  She didn't want to spend a lot because it wouldn't be worn enough to make it worth it, and that there was no notification of the back order.  She told them to cancel her order, and ended up (Luckily) getting one at Wal-Mart.    They had seen the one at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks before, and there was only one in Aubree's size, but mom had already ordered the one online, so she passed it by.  Thank haven's for tender mercy's.   
To add to all the mess she found some cute little pumps that were closed toe, silver glittered, and on the side of the toe had a groping of leather silver flowers. Very cute.  She bought them with out Aubree being there and they ended up being a size to big.  She told Aubree that they would take them back the next day and get her the right size.    They some how got mixed up in some bags that went to the trash and got thrown away, so mom ended up having to bye two pair of shoes.  The second pair was a little more expensive and not the same shoe.   Wow  What a mess. 
Ok so to explain the head full of bow's.  When we were deciding on how were going to make the bow for Aubree we got out Raegan's for examples and she went crazy.  Wanted to have them all in her hair.  We ran out of room, and hair before we did bows.    Love It!