Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Santa brought Tucker a Saddle, two guns and a plane.   
Santa brought Raegan a doll house and a block puzzle

Santa brought Randan two new elk calls, a old spice pack, and a stocking full of goodies.  

Randan couldn't wait for me to open this.  Him and Tucker were in town two day prior,  and went to the grocery store.  When they were there they went to the produce isle. Tucker saw the avocado's, and told Randan they had to get me some for Christmas.  They got me 5 avocados, a packet of lemon Jello, and a orange silicon spatula.  Randan said he would pick up the avocado and fill it if it was to hard it went back.  I think its funny that a 5 year old knows how to pick out avocado's.  
I feel bad because I didn't get any good pictures of the kids opening any of there gift's.  I was to much involved, and things were going everywhere.   I have grown up where you go around starting at the youngest, each one opening a gift. We did that so we could see what everyone got, and enjoy their Christmas too.   I have been trying to implement this for the last six years, and it hasn't been going so well.  It starts off ok, but ends up not so much. It feels a little chaotic.  Raegan didn't even want to open any gift this year.  Maybe she was burnt out from four days prior.   I hope the older the kids get the better we get.  
I enjoyed this Christmas season, and am so grateful for this time of year, and what we reflect on.  

Reagan's 2nd Birthday 2014!

Tucker asked: "Why Is the snow man frowning?" Had to laugh.  

Mom got her this dress a month ago and she has worn it and worn it.  She wanted to wear it for her party. 

This is what her uncle Jake and Aunt Sue got her I wish I would had been quicker and got her reaction to what was in side she loved it. Some necklaces, rings, stick on earrings, Anna and Elsa shirts and a frozen coloring book.   

 You can see her passing of the microphone we got her.  She loves to sing. 

 You can't see it very well but it is a Barbie doll of Elsa.  Tucker was adamant that he get that for her.
I know she might hate me when she get's bigger, but I have told her and her brother both to stop picking their noses.  Not very lady like! Right? I just couldn't resist.   

Josee drew this for her. Wish I would have gotten a better picture of it. 

This is what we found her doing after everyone had gone home. There was also a huge pile of wipes on a chair in the dinning room.   She would wipe the baby, and then go put the wipe on the chair.  The baby needed a dipper!

Raegan's Party Favor's

Saw this on Pinterest. thought it would work for the adults, since Raegan wanted a "Frozen"  themed party.   Had some old wood from a Super Saturday project that I never finished, so I decided to use it for this project. I was lucky I had just enough for each family.   

This was another Pinterest find it went in the cousin's gift bags.  (I did not get a picture of the goody bag they were given, was going to, but forgot, and never got a minute to get that picture.  All you are missing is a note book, pencil, a tinny thing of play dough, and a cup that was ether frozen for the girls, or mickey mouse for the boys.) You can't see all that is in it so I will explain:  Three marshmallows, one orange tic-tack, two pretzel stick for arms, and six mini chocolate chips. Or you could just look at the  picture below minus the legs and extra chocolate chips that is the kit.   

Tucker was curious as to what I was doing when I was putting the:  "Do You Want to Build a Snow Man"  kits together, and wanted to help.  I decided he might like to put one together instead.

I had the "Let it Go song playing form You Tube on my kindle.  They made me repeat at least 5 times . I started to find other frozen songs before I went insane.  

Tuckers Class Gift's 2014!

Snow Man Soup!  It has a packet of hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, and peppermint kisses. Total cost $8.00

Cloth rapped Candy Canes!  Total Cost $3.00.

I wasn't going to do anything for Tucker's class this year wanted to get out of the habit early, so that he didn't expect it, and the more kids you have the more expensive it gets.  I was thinking only when it was called for, or if they were having a party, and other kids would be handing things out.  Well two days before his class PARTY I received  the paper saying they would be having a party in there class,  what time it would be, and there would be refreshments.  I got worried because I thought the other  kids might be giving out some little thing, so I got busy and this is what we came up with.    

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Christmas Decorations and First Snow

The Christmas trees were something I saw on Pinterest, and had to try them. I had all the items to make them except the gold and silver candle stick holders they are on.  I found them @ DI for a dollar a piece.  

When I  pulled up our Christmas decorations I found the pieces to make the reindeer.  It was a super Saturday thing, that a lady in my ward gave me, because she didn't finish it, so I finished it, and now its a part of our decorations.

Tucker's ginger bread house for this year

Reagans Ginger bread house for this year.

My before picture of our blanket slash stocking ladder

The after

This was are first snow of the year it's almost gone now, but this is what we all woke up to this morning.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tooth # 2

I know the first three pictures are pretty much the same thing, but I had to giggle at how hard it seemed to be, for Tucker to show me his bottom row of teeth.  I would show him with my face what to do, and to watch him mimic was hilarious.  I was able to get a couple of shots of the proses that is why we have three pictures of the same thing. 
 I was cleaning up the Ward Christmas Party when he lost it, and he was at home.  Makes me sad I missed it.
He is moven up on the exchange.  Made 22 more cents with this tooth we'll have to see if he can hold the incline.