Thursday, February 27, 2014

A little funny

I  had to document this shirt I found for Tucker. Thought it was funny!

Valentines Day 2014

This is what Randan, Tucker, and Raegan gave me for valentines Day. They well they really gave them to me a day or two early because we were out of town on Valentines day. Randan needed to got to Salt Lake to get some lights for the building he and his family are building. We decided to go with him and spend the day. I thought it would be fun to go bowling since the Vernal one is no longer a bowling ally. We went to Chucky Cheese instead and it was lots of fun with kids. Randan wanted to go to the Hunting Expo to put in for some tags. After that we drove down to Cabelas and then Provo. We were going to go to the Ruby River for dinner but it was a hour and half wait so we ended up at the Old Spaghetti Factory. it was ok not exactly how I remember it. I will say they made a T Rex for Tucker out of a green balloon and he loved that. We had a very fun Valentines Day all in all.

Tucker's Fifth Bithday

Party Hats


Party Favors

Part of the Center Pieces

Pizza (Dinner)

Cake (to pink for me)

Bird Food

Kids Table

One of the Adult Table's

Life Size Sling Shot


This is Tucker weighting for everyone else get there food and eat so he can go Play with the sling shot. I asked his last fall what he wanted to do for his 5th birthday he told me Angry Birds that's it Angry Birds.
I thought that would be fun so I got to work. Looked up any thing I could on it and picked what I thought I could do.  It was so fun. Of course it didn't turn out exactly how I had it in my head but steel pretty good.
This was Tucker's first  "Friend " party. He was allowed two Friends and all his cousin's
I know Tucker had fun he is already planning what he wants to do for his next party. It wont be for a while but steal wants to plan it. 
My Aunt took the pictures for me and she got a lot of good ones I picked the best. I didn't charge the camera, and it ran out of juice, so we didn't get any of him opening gift or blowing out the candles. That's a bummer.