Friday, February 24, 2012

Tuck's new bedroom!

My son is now a official "Big Boy." He has a big boy bed, and new room. He loves it. The bed frame was given to us by my mother and father- in law. It was a OK yellow, but when I started looking for  bedding the brown worked better. The book shelf was given to us by my old bosses. When he retired from the laundry business he took up wood working. I have a few items he made, and gave to me. In fact the shelf at the foot of the bed(if you can see it) was also given to us, I think for are wedding. (I want to eventually paint that one of the blues that the picture frames are in)  His shop is amazing. Randan drooled when he saw it.  The room is a bit bigger then the room we had him in. I like it because there is a lot more storage. It can stay more organized. Everyone who knows me knows that's a huge thing. It also is at  the other end of the house which has its pros and cons for me. Pros: We don't have to be as quiet. Cons:  What if a fire started. it was fun putting this together for him. I am steel working on the decorating part. You can see I started with his name on the wall. I have seen this done in many forms and always thought it was a fun idea. I had a lot of wall space to fill. It worked perfect. All in all I like the room and am glade we did it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Brushing teeth!

We are learning how to brush our teeth. I am sad this picture doesn't do what I saw justice. He had toothpaste all the way up to his hair line. He got this tooth brush for Christmas from his Aunt Rhonda. I guess it's more powerful then he thought. He has hit the independent stage. He sayes: "Me do it." We  are trying to teach him to say "I". He is stubborn just like his two parents. What can I say.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Three Years!

Two days ago my mother-in-law called wanting to know if I was home. She had something to drop off. I told her I was, and this is what she dropped off.  A gerbra daisy in a bud vase. I think that it is just lovely. She wanted me to know that she was thinking of me. What a sweet gesture. It was three years to the day that my dad had passed a way.  A few nights ago Randan, and I were talking about Leap Year.  We couldn't remember how it went. If we gain a day or loose a day. I knew just who to call to solve this delima. The only problem  was  he wouldn't be able to answer my phone call. I miss my dad yes, but I will tell you what I told my mother-in-law. I am so glade to have the knowledge of the gospel.