Tuesday, June 16, 2015

YW YM ward Auction

Numbered Canisters

Apple Pie Kit

Sunday's in a Sack

Hooks made out of old spoons and wood I got from my Grandpa and Granma Southam's Farm

This is my favorite I almost bought it back.

This one had glass in it but it broke on the way home
Raegan saw me taking pictures and wanted in.  She went and got her camera and started to take pictures.

Our YW and YM did an auction this year so, they could pay for some activities they had coming up this year.  I decided I would make, and take some stuff  to help them make money.  The picture above are the items I put together well all but one.  I also had a old pot and planted flowers in it.  All the stuff made roughly $400.00 for them.  I was totally excited, and shocked.   

Dad's 59th Birthday

 Aunt Sharri brought the kids a butterfly.  They could ether leave it at the grave or take it with them.  My two kids took theirs.

We let off our balloons and I got a picture this year.

Aunt Sharri gave me this rose and a sweet note that I didn't get a picture of before I thru it away.

Memorial Day 2015

 This year we got dad some sunflowers.

Mom brought some sidewalk chalk so the kids could wright dad a message.

We didn't go to every grave that belongs to my family. We totally missed the Haslem side, and some of Randans family,  but I was limited on time, so we will have to make it up later.  After this I ran home, and started to prepare for a BBQ we at our house  with Randan's side and my side.  It was fun, and the food was good.
I am so grateful for the men and women that give there life for our freedom. 

Tucker's School Program

Love this face he figured out that I was taking picture's and gave me this face

Each child had a line to say.  Tucker's was he likes to build snowmen with his sister in the winter time.

His school dose a kindergarten program every year, and every year it's theme is the four seasons.  They practice songs all year, and then preform them in this program.  It is so fun to watch.  They do a slide show of every child's picture. It is fun to see all the kids that are around Tuck's age. 


This was a way cool storm that came thru about a month ago.  We have been very blessed this year and had some very wet storms.  This was one of the big one's.  We got hail form this one,  and a couple of others.  I was in side getting my kids breakfast and Randan called and told me to get my plants in the house that they might get ruined. I had just planted them a day or two before, and Randan was out on a run he was in the store when he called.  I just made it in time.  I thought it was very interesting how it was coming in.  I wish these pictures did it a little more justice.