Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Puppy Love

Well you guessed it Tucker got a puppy its a female and he called her Spots. We tried to get him to call her a more feminine name, but it his his puppy, and that is what he wanted to call her. I am not sure the breed I will have to ask Randan, and then record it. I do know she is a mix. We got her from Randan's Uncle Quinton. His dog had a litter, and was bread with one of Randan's dogs. She is very playful, and stinks the garage up very well (big pet pev of mine). She is a puppy and bites everything Tucker doesn't like that. He does well with her if he is standing and walking but as soon as he stops, and gets down on the ground he gets bit, and doesn't like it. We are working on that. The very bottom picture has a story. It has been cold here that last few weeks and the wind is blowing witch makes it worse, so Tucker has been staying in the garaged with the puppy to play. He was out there playing while I was in doing dishes. I went to check on them and this is what I found when I opened the door that leads out to the garaged. He had taken some of Randan's old long johns and rapped up the puppy so she would stay warm. The first thing the said to me when I opened the door was "Shh! She is sleeping we need to be quite." I have said that enough to him trying to keep him "Quiet," so his sister will sleep.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Yes the Outdoors!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, so we took advantage. I told Tucker that we were going to do some work out side and he was elated. Work and all.  I cleaned of the back porch because we keep our wood pile there during the winter and it gets pretty barky. We have a problem with scorpions out here and I have been told by to exterminators that they like the wood and bark. I don't like scorpions so we will try to keep it to a minimum. I didn't find a mouse and its nest as I was moving things to sweep. I screamed and I think that put Tucker on alert because the rest of the day he would keep saying "The mouse is asleep mom." It had ran be hind the new wood pile, and he would keep squatting to see if he could see it.
I also told him we would do a picnic he had a lot of fun with that. Even wanted to feed his sister so she could be apart.
Like I said we cleaned the back porch of and then I tackled the garage. It gets junked during the winter and this one was no exception. We even had time to hose of the car port leading into the garage it gets so dirty from not having any pavement leading up to it just the dirt road, when the snow melts or it rains we get mud puddles. I love looking at the work that was accomplished after a hard days work like that. I just keep walking back and forth, or out the window to see the cleanliness. Even the ache body and sunburn feels good. I guess that's my OCD coming out.


OK so I have a little model and didn't even know it. I love it. Tucker totally fell in love with this fabric when mom was at Walmart shopping for material to make Kayden and Houston some curtains for there newly painted room.  He even cried when we told him that we would have to come back after doing some shopping because there was no one there to help us. We forgot and a few weeks ago I needed to get some fabric for a project I was going to do and I ran into this fabric again so I decided to see if the Easter bunny would make a blanket and PJ's fro Tucker out of it. The Easter bunny ran out of time and so I took over. These are my second attempt to make pajama pants. My first was for my self my roommates and I all got together to make some for a road trip we were all going on and we were going to all were them on the way as soon as I sat in the car to go my back end ripped out. So traumatic I haven't had the courage to try a second attempted till now. I love how they turned out. He has worn them every night sense they were maid I finally told him I had to wash them. There's the real test. To see if they hole up.


This is a jello that my Grandma Haslem has made as long as I can remember. We haven't had it in quite a while and when I saw that it was part of the menu for Easter dinner I was elated. I expressed this, and my grandma presented me with the left overs as we were leaving. I giggled, because I must have made it very clear that I love this stuff. It takes at least 45 min. for each layer to set before you can set another on top. It take forever, but I am telling you, well worth the work. It had whipped cream on top, but I like it just the way it is (that is why you can see the bits of white). 

Easter 2013!

These are the only pictures I got the hole Easter holiday. I wish I could have got more. Tucker was so fun this year. He is starting to get the idea of these so called visitors. Don't get me wrong I hope he is understanding the real reason for these seasons and holidays. We have tried to teach him in FHE lessons, and when we talk about it in general, so well see. I love the first picture of the two kids together. I didn't think it turned out as well as it did. We had the Big Sale the day before Easter so that day was full. On Sunday we went to  church and enjoyed hearing everyone testimony. I didn't get a lot of it because Raegan was not having it. The dress she was in was extremely slippery. It was hard to hold on to her wiggling. After church we all came home and enjoyed a nap. Well everyone but me, and Randan. When they woke up we got ready and went to My Grandma and Grandpa Haslem's home and enjoyed good food and good company. All of my Dads sibling were there except him  and my Aunt Carolann and her family. All of Aunt Shari and Uncle Alan's kids were there except Nikki and her family, and all of Aunt Karen and Uncle Dave's kids were there except Cami. It was a very fun day to share with family, and to remember the Resurrection.