Friday, June 17, 2011

I have family that live in Orem UT.  My Aunt Carolann and Uncle Ken. They Have 4 children. The oldest got sealed in the S.L.C temple on June 16 2011. His name is Bryan. His new wife is Ann. My aunt Carolann is my father's younger sister. She is the oldest girl in the family.  Now that you have all the facts I will tell you about the bird you see in this picture. My mom, and I went out to this wedding, and on our way home last night (just out side of Roosevelt) I hit this bird. It scared both my mom and I. The noise it made was the worst part. Just driving along, and whack a bird flies right into you. I always think I am going to hit the stupid things, but they always seem to make it, so then I stop worrying so much.

I showed Randan this morning. He told me it was picture worthy. I guess that this entry is his fault.  Ha. Ha. He also told me I was going down in history for getting a Snipe.

Friday, June 10, 2011

One of those day's !

I have had one of those day's where you fill like all you have done all days is follow your two year old around picking up behind him.

This morning I went into Tucker's room and found that He had emptied his shirt drawer on the ground.  He did this, so he could pick a shirt for the day. I am proud of him for the effort.  Now we need to learn that you just take the one on the top.

This evening I could hear nothing.  Which you all now that is never good.  The next thing I see is Tucker out side on our back porch dumping the cat food into there water bowl. We now have dry cat food, and wet cat food. He has learned how to open the doors. I was hoping that the dead locks would hold us off for a little while, but that was cake for this  Houdini. I need more arms, and more eye's  in the back of my head.

I also found him eating his bowl of cereal that he dug out of the sink. It steel had a little left. I guess he wasn't done. The last few morning's  we have had trouble with this I  have even rinsed  the bowl out.  He throws a major fit,  and wants more cereal.

Once again, "I love being a mother".  Just some days push me a little more then others.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We have had an obsession with are eye's around here the last week. The first picture is of Tucker and one of my head bands he wears it like a pair of glasses.
The second picture is of Tucker with  a piece of paper that came off a wreath form. Tucker got a hold of it, and was holding it up to his eyes. I saw him doing this, and thought that, if it had eye's,  it would be a perfect mask. We cut eye's, and put two pieces of tape on the inside edges. I didn't know if he would let me tape it to his face. He gets finicky about that kind of stuff, but he let me, and he like it.
The third brakes my heart. Yesterday we were at my mother and father -in law's. Tucker was playing out side with his cousin in a mud puddle by Randan's truck. I guess he was running, and tripped as he fell he caught the bumper of  Randans pick up with his left eye. Ouch!

Cup Cakes!

I saw this blog the other day where she made these flowers out of mini marsh mellows, mini M&M's, white chocolate, and sprinkles. They looked so cut and fairly simple.  I decided that I wanted to try this.  My sister-in -law cut my husbands, and sons hair a couple of nights before I found these cupcakes.  She wont let us pay her, so I decided to make her something for her trouble, and this was perfect. This is how they turned out. I had to take pictures, and blog about it, because I was pretty proud of my self for accomplishing this. Decorating deserts has always intimidated me. It never seem to turn out to my satisfaction.  If I do say so my self, these turned out just fine. Baby step. Right?