Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

This year for Memorial Day we went with Randan's family on Sunday to deliver flowers, we went to the Jensen cemetery and the Drive fork cemetery.  Granny Mae at Jensen and Pa Dean at Drive fork.
After words we stopped at a park and ate sandwiches and played some ball.  
The next day Tucker, Raegan, Madalynn, Mom, and Grandma Southam went to my family which is all buried at the Vernal Cemetery.  That evening we ate at moms house with Christine and her kids and Randan.  
I know that we celebrate Memorial Day mainly because we want to pay respect to the men, and women that severed for our country. Which I am very grateful for.  I am just glade we get to recognize our family member as well.   

Spring ball 2017

This is our third year of playing spring ball, but first on city league. He really enjoyed it. I was very impressed with his coach. He taught Tucker more this spring season then Tucker learned all the other seasons combine.
Tuck would play first a lot, sometimes third, and short stop. Once he was catcher, and once pitcher. His team was the Angels. They were a pretty good little team. 
True to spring ball, you never knew what king of weather you were going to get, so I always packed for winter, and summer.  It felt like I was packing the hole house every time, but I got a system and it worked. One of Tuckers games the heavens opened up, and man it hailed. 
Randan and I were so sick that night, we had some kind of stomach flu, he was loose, and I was throwing up. Luckily the kids never got it.
I completely love watching him play ball. When he concentrates he is a pretty good little player.