Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This picture doesn't do this justice. He was up at the ranch playing while Randan and his dad were working on a tractor, what I can get is he had a crow bar. He says it was the thing that opens windows, and some how his finger was in between the crow bar and the 4-wheeler, from Randan say's  it bled pretty bad and when he got home it was swollen and black and blue. I thought it was broken so Randan did some tests for the second time, and decided he fine for the second time.     

Vincent Easter Picnic

Around 5:00 on Easter we had a Easter picnic up at my mother and father-in-laws house. We had fried chicken and baked potato's  coleslaw  green salad and Kool-Aid a staple at the Vincent house. Just before we ate the kids had a Easter egg hunt the Waylon did very well.  My sister-in law was in the hospital she had gone into labor, so as soon as dinner was done Tamara and the kids went to the hospital to see the progress.  Ma Dean, one of Randan's cousin (cant spell her name, and there is  no spell check for that one.) and I helped pick up.  It was a fast one this year, but all in all fun.  

Easter Morning

Yes Yes Yes I know my kids were spoiled for Easter this year. I think I mentioned it in some entry's before, but Tucker has school three days a week and so some of the days I would be in the store. I stared way to soon is another problem.
A lot of it was inexpensive but there's just a lot of it. I will say in my defense that when I ask Tucker Why do we celebrate Easter he tells me because Jesus was resurrected, so hopefully I am doing something right.


I have to give some awesome credit to my sister because she took all the pictures of the picnic, she has always taken good pictures. Ok now that I have that out of the way my kids found mom's  little tikes slide, and man they had a ball. Raegan figured out how to go down all by herself and she though that was to cool. Tucker is trying to cock a gun in the bottom picture. Have to admit it was hard to cock.  

Easter Picnic at Mom's

This was the Easter egg hunt at mom's picnic they were so cute Tucker was going warp speed and Raegan was taking her time. towards the end the buckets got a little heavy for both and they would keep dumping all the eggs out. Raegan's shirt say's: "Give me all your jelly beans and no one get hurt." I laughed and laughed when I found that Tucker wanted to wear a green shirt because he died green eggs, even though blue is his favorite color.  Grandma Southam, Grandma Haslem. Grandpa. Haslem, Mom, Aunt Shari, Uncle Allen, Chris, Alex, Christine, Tucker, Raegan, and me were all that were in attendance. I was grateful it was a beautiful day. We weren't sure weather the  rain and wind would come but it stayed at bay until we were done and then we had a typical Utah rain storm ( 5 minutes).

Let's DIE

This is us dyeing Easter eggs.  We did them on the Friday before Easter, because mom had her Easter picnic on Saturday. I wanted the kids to be able to find these eggs as well as the plastic ones. We tried a new technique that is suppose to make the eggs look tie died, and the eggs did look tie died, but the process would allow the kid to get in on the action so we went traditional. Each year is getting more fun. The older they get.

Tucker's Tie Part Two

Ok so I said I would get back with the new tie and this is it along with Raegan's dress I have to giggle at the two of them they are so cute. This was just before we went to church. I was in charge of Sharing Time and wanted to get there early so I could set up.  I planed my day to have some time to take some pictures and I didn't have enough time so these is what I get. Not what I had pictured but the kids are cute stele the same.
Tucker's Tie is a little better.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Ok so this one is for sure showing how far behind I am combining Valentines Day and Easter.  For Tucker's School Mrs. Renee wanted Tucker to bring 30 valentines and 30 Easter gifts for his fellow class mates. on there respected Holliday.  So I got to work coming up with some ideas. The first picture is for Valentines day. The heart is a crayon we took all of Tucker's old crayons and melted them down into a silicon mold, and all the rest are Easter.
Attached to the jar of  pink jelly beans is a poem I found that says "I wanted the perfect gift for you, but I couldn't decide just what to do. I almost sent you a dozen roses- Instead here are a jar of Bunny Noses."
The sack is what they made to hold all the treasures they found on there hunt.
Mrs Renee is so good at what she does. I am glad that we are able to experience this.      

Tucker's Tie Part 1

I am writing about this so hopefully you can see the before and after.
I got it in my head that I wanted to get Tucker a bow tie for Easter this year. I have had no luck finding any in town and so I decided to make him one. Well I did this while he was away t=with his dad. when he got home I tried it one him and I don't know if  Tucker is warring the tie of the tie is warring him. It a little to big. I am trying round two today so wish me LUCK. 

Sugar Cookie

This is what happens when Raegan gets a hold of a Sugar Cookie

Field Trip to Field House

Tucker and his Class mates got to go on a field trip to our Field house. (we call it the "Dinosaur Museum") I was bale to go and experience it with  him I really enjoyed it. I know Tucker did to.
The bottom picture is of him a Caleb he is a boy that Tucker is "Best Friends with." Ironically  He is the Harrison kids cousin Justin and Caleb dad are brothers. I some time think small world.   

Passing the Time

So I think I have mention this before, but I will again. Tucker has school three days a week for three hours it starts at 9am and goes until 12pm. While he is school I try to get as many errands done as possible which I do well. I have found that I spend a lot more money now that he is in school, and so to help not do that I have had to try to come up with thing to keep us occupied. It's pointless to go home for an hour then turn around and go get him. It waists fuel. Any where in town you are is only 5 to 10 minutes a way from where Tucker goes to school.  If I have errands to run I get them done first. Some times it takes the hole three hours some times I have to go get him and finish my errands that doesn't happen very often, but most of the time I have a hour or hour and a half to kill so we go to the Library. At the library there is a kids section that has these letters in the wall. as you can see you can climb all over in and out. They have a couple of toys that you can move balls around on a track and flip blocks with number and the alphabet. They also have a giant rug with the alphabet printed on it. I like the little caterpillar table and chairs. Reagan fits perfectly.  
One day while we were waiting to get Tucker we went to the library,  Raegan seemed to really enjoy the letters in the wall. I decided to take some pictures. Now that it is warming up I would like to go to a park or go walking. I think that that would  be a lot more predictive.