Monday, December 9, 2013

Funny Face!

This is another sneak-peak of Reagan's birthday party. We want to do a photo booth, and when Tucker saw me cutting them out yesterday he wanted to try them out. We are trying to be very frugal about these kids two birthday's  but stele make it fun, so I am trying to do a lot of home made items.  These are only two of the many faces anyone could come up with, (my favorite is the bunny) but he was preoccupied and would only do these two. I think they turned out just fine. I am getting more and more excited.   

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Parties are comming !

I am sure you are wondering what this is all about. I guess I thought if I start the documenting process now then I might get it all.
Reagan's first birthday is on the
  20th if this month. So the picture on the bottom is her invitation. We are going with a carnival theme. The invitation is a bag of popcorn with a ticket attached.
The top picture is the beginning of Tuckers piƱatas. His theme is Angry Birds. When he gets the chance he really enjoys playing that game. I have to say having two birthdays around Christmas and all the holidays is throwing me for a loop. I hope and we go we will get better and better.

Here comes Santa Claus!

This is worth documenting because up until this year Santa and my son did not mix. He would cling on for dear life if he was coming any ware near Santa and start to cry horribly. This year my in-laws had a Christmas party and at the end he showed up. Tucker ran over to him before he was really even in the room, and gave him a huge hug. Talk about SUPRIZE!!!
The party was fun. We had it at the chapel because we just had a huge snow storm and the temperature's are in the negatives. If this wouldn't have happened we were going to have it in my Mother and Father-in-laws new shop. It's not yet complete but getting close.    


This last month in the middle of November we all went to Idaho to attend my cousin David's and his wife Kelly's wedding, (very nice by the way) and the day we left we decided to walk down to this over look that we could see from our hotel room window.  It was breath taking. It helped us get out some energy before the trip back, spend a little more time with family, and see some of gods great creations.  

Learning to Stand!

This picture was taken a month or two ago. Reagan was learning that she could pull her self up. She would scoot (NOT CRAWL she refuses to lay on her stomach, so she has never learned how to crawl) up to one of us and pull her self up. As you can see she thought that is was pretty fun . So did her brother.  

Perschool Halloween Program!

Tucker was The Lone Ranger for  Halloween this year (his Dad was Tanto) Mrs. Renee had a party for them and a program for the Parents. They had a fashion show and a few songs they sang and my son wouldn't do any of it. Mrs. Renee had to walk him out to the for so he could show us all his costume and well the singing. What singing? I cant really blame him I don't enjoy being in front of people myself.
The program was darling . I really enjoy his teacher she dose so many amazing things that has helped Tucker in many ways.  

Hunting Buddies

Randan had just got home from a week long hunting trip he took up in Idaho.  Also, he had a tag to  get a buck deer here around the basin. So when the Idaho trip was a bust he decided to use his one for here. Well Tucker caught wind and was more then willing to go with his Dad. I took this picture just before they went, and a half a hour later I got a phone call saying they got a deer. I think it was a three or two point. Not sure exactly (you can tell I am quit the hunter). Sadly I don't have any pictures of the actual deer, but the picture of these two is priceless.