Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Tucker wanted to model the items that he picked up in town today to his dad. Enough said.


On Sunday my sister-in -law asked if Tucker would be able to play with Waylon (my nephew) out side I thought that this was a wonderful idea, so we came home from church changed our clothes, and out we went. It is just starting to get some what warm here in Vernal / Jensen. They come, and go. Sunday wasn't to bad, till the wind came up. It was cold wind.  I hate the wind period let alone cold wind. We started off with bubbles, and then  moved to Randans truck collection. When we moved over to this house Randan brought two big boxes home full of all the old tucks and tractors he collected on birthdays and Christmas. When I say big boxes I mean big boxes. They were not your average orange / apple box they were closer to refrigerator boxes. Ha Ha. when tucker got old enough that he could play outside I cleaned the boxes out, and put them in new boxes on are back porch. Tucker loves to play with them. We are still working on putting our yard in,  so there is a lot of dirt.  A boy with tractors, trucks, and dirt is in heaven.

The chairs you see in the background are chairs my dad made. He made 3. When my dad passed away, and my mom decided she was going to sell the house and move, she gave each one of her children one. I have Sean's and mine. Sean live in a little apartment, so until he get a place where it can fit I get to hold on to it for him. This summer I want to refinish them.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ran out of Gas!

Tucker received this Little Tike's Cozy Coupe for his birthday this year. Form Grandma and Grandpa Vincent.  He was playing with it one night, and I had him drive up to me (I was on the couch).  I took his sippy cup out of the back , and proceeded to fill up his gas tank.  Now every time he gets his coupe out to play he makes sure to fill it up. This reminds me of when I was little my most fond memories are of  summers when we could ride are bikes and play house. We would use are bikes as cars and pull up to mail boxes and us them as fast food restaurants and gas stations. Grandma and Grandpa Southam had a tree in there yard that  half grew on there side of the fence, and the other grew on the road side there was a little irrigation ditch that ran in between the tree and the road so we put a plank of wood, and would walk over it to get under the tree. Under the tree we had a old little tike's kitchen on top of a old spool that held fencing for grandpa. Of a table we had a bigger spool turned on is side and for a couch we had an old truck bench seat that was black vinyl. Up in the top of the tree my cousins, Ben and Koda built rooms with old pallets that My Grandpa Southam built for extra money (they were left over). We attached a bucket to a rope, and would put are baby dolls, or dinner in, and send it up to who ever was up there. We had some old pot, and pans that we would dig up dirt, and then take water from the irrigation stream, and make mud pie's.  We let them dry in the sun, stack them, and them ice them like cakes. We would use tree leaves to decorate, and if we were really good we would press the leaves in the dirt and take them out before they were all  the way dry so there was a leaf impression. I will remember this till the day I die. I had so much fun under that tree, and riding bikes ( weather the bikes were at are house, or grandma and grandpa's). Some will tell you that I was bossy and would let them be the cook. If this is true ( I personally don't remember it that way). I apologize. I always  thought I asked, and I just ended up there.  To try and tie this all together. When I saw Tuck with the cozy coupe it took me back to those summers. Very nostalgic.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dad and Life

I bought some life cereal the other day at the store.  I pulled it out for breakfast this morning. I has already poured Tucker his choice of cereal, and was just about to sit down with mine when Tucker asked me what I had. I told him : This was Grandpa Mike's favorite cereal, or that is how I remember it any way. I then asked Tucker where Grandpa Mike is, and he said: " At home." My very first thought was to correct Tucker, and then I thought, no Tucker is right. He is home.

P. S. The picture above is of my dad at work. We have it on our fridge. Every once in a while I will ask Tucker where Grandpa  Mike is and he has always pointed to this picture.


When Randan and I got married we received this stool as a wedding gift. I have just keep it in Tuckers bathroom under the sink, so that when he needs to wash his hands he can use it and get the job done. I cant remember the circumstance that started the hole thing, but I grabbed it one day and had him use it for something other then washing his hands in the bathroom, and ever sense he totes the thing all over the house, so that he can stand on it to see whats going on. For instance: When I cook dinner, when I am doing my hair, when the washing machine is filling up with water, and when I hand wash dishes. Just to name a few. Sometimes it even is a chair. That's the way to multi use.


I am not exactly sure what Tucker's obsession is with doing the laundry, but he love to all the stages. He throws a fit if I wont let him help. We start off by scooting the laundry basket to the laundry room, and then we sort it in to the bend's. He like to shove it in to the dryer as take it out of the washer, and watch the washer make bubbles with the soap. Yesterday we learned a new step. "Folding." This is how he folded his pair of pants and sat them on the counter. He thought that was just it, and was quite proud of him self. 

Friday, March 4, 2011


This is one I wish I would have taken some wonderful pictures for. I didn't and hopefully I will learn from this. Randan and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary yesterday.  I wanted to go out on a date but the ranch is caving right now and it is right at the peek. So I decided to do something special at the house. We both really like crab legs and  stake so I thawed out two tenderloins, bought some crab and rented a movie. We were able to eat the crab and stake. Both  very good. The movie will have to wait we were both so tired that we went to bed. I wonder if that means we are getting old? Or if we have lost the romance?  My sister -in -law so generously offered to take Tucker for a couple of hours but we both decided that we wanted Tucker to stay with us. I remember growing up and Christine, Sean and I were always able to spend time with my parents on there anniversary. I only remember one time or maybe two when my mom and dad dropped us off to grandma and grandpa  Southams house which that time of the year was down on the farm, because my parents got married during lambing season. Grandma and grandpa would have there camper down there and stay while the big part was commencing. I remember one time inparticular when they drove us down there and we sat and talked to them till mom and dad came the were looking at some western magazines and the Ensign. They had a old western calender I looked thru it, and drew some pictures. It is one of my most fondest memories of my Grandma and Grandpa. All these thoughts brought on because of Randan and I having an anniversary.