Friday, March 29, 2013

Coloring my Temple!

We have all been sick around here the last three weeks and before I  layed down to rest I got Tucker one of his books that you trace ether the alphabet or numbers  with a dry erase marker he would keep going into my and Randans bedroom I got curious why, so I got up to see and he was looking in a mirror I have attached to our bedroom door drawing on his face with this marker. Some of it he wiped off before I could take a picture. We learned about your body is a Temple and we don't draw or color or paint any thing on it. I am not sure if it sank in I guess time will tell.  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Raegan Blessing Day!

Today we blessed Raegan, and it is mine and Randan's 7 year anniversary. We also  blessed Tucker the  first Sunday in March 4 years ago.  I  thought that was a neat coincidence. I have felt such a sweet spirit all day today. I think it could be a number of things. I don't want it to go away. I feel such love, and joy. 
The last picture tucker wanted. He wanted to have a picture with his sister.
We had lots of family that came and enjoyed this day with us. I am so grateful. I am so glade to have both my children in my life. Even though they test my patience. I am so grateful to have my little family.  

Ninja Turtle

The other day my mom and I were in town and we went to Wall mart. Mom promised Tucker a Ninja Turtle if he was good. Well he picked the one he wanted out and she opened it while she was waiting for me to get through the check out. when we put him in the car he said to the turtle so you want to get buckled in? and then in a different voice he answered him self as if the turtle was responding. "Yes. " You can see he fell a sleep on the way home. I thought it was so cute I had to take a picture. 

It warmed up

It finally warmed up and so I sent Tucker out side to get some sun and burn energy. With  all the snow that we have had I knew that we are going to get muddy around our house (cause for the time being that is all we have is dirt) as it thaws, so I specifically told Tucker to stay out of the mud. As soon as I turned my head I herd MOM MOM MOM! Yes you guessed it he was like a bug to the flam, and went right in the mud.I had to pull him out and I about fell on my kister end. The dirt is clay so way slippery and sticky. I made him go play in the snow to get it off the best he could. It worked pretty well.  I should have taken before and after pictures.

Tuck and Raegan.

Tucker wanted his picture taken with his sister.


This is a picture of Raegan's hair after a night's sleep. She will turn her head back and forth and in doing so she creates these knot's. this was and has been the worst so far. I got them wet and put lotion in them then combed them out she did fuss at all. I hope that is a sign that she can handle her hair combed.

Valintines Cookies

Man I am behind. It's amazing what happens when you have two children to take care of verses just one. You run out of time to do a lot of things.
My mom had us over the day before valentines day  for a dinner and she maid cookies for the kids to decorate this is Tucker with his. It was his first time decorating a cookie all on his own. I think he is so cute.