Saturday, November 29, 2014


Reagan's new thing is Frozen.  She has for quite a while gone around town,  our house, well any where really, singing "Let it go, Let it go.  So after hearing that and seeing her reaction when ever we saw frozen stuff,  I decided to put the movie in, and see what she dose.  She loved it.  It this was the other night at moms for FHE we put it in so could play games. 

Tucker's First Tooth

As loose tooth's go Tuckers has had two loose teeth for a while.  This first two.  We were having family home evening at moms house earlier this week, and eating pizza.  He must have bit down hard because all of a sudden he started to cry and boy was it bleeding.  I told him to drink some water and I got a napkin and wiped it up  to see the damage, it was a lot looser.  he calmed down so we went on with our conversation,  the next thing I now he was handing me his tooth. 
On our way home Randan asked tuck what he thought the tooth fairy would bring he said three pennies.  We upped it just a bit.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Haslem Family Christmas Photos 2014!

 I love this one!

 You have to have one of these at least. Right?

Sorry for all the pictures I just couldn't chose.  In my defense I did cut it in half.  This are some of the pictures mom had taken for her little photo-shoot.  If you cant tell it was the coldest day of the year thus far.  Joie did a good job air brushing every ones beat red noes and cheeks.  It was actually suppose to snow this day.  Mom was bummed because we had warm weather up until two days before this.  She keep telling us to go to the stake center they have a white curtain in the Relief Society room that we could use as a back drop.  But both Joie and I didn't like that idea, and mom really had her heart set on the temple.  I guess I need to tell you that mom wasn't able to come to this photo-shoot, on account that her back was hurting so bad.  The original plan was to meet at the temple and then if the weather was bad got to the chapel.  I am glade every one was tough enough to let Joie get a few good shots,  and sad that we weren't able to have Sean and his family.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bunk Bed

Reagan got into some mascara left on the floor of the room Christine is staying in.  I was cleaning moms room and bathroom.  We heard Grandma Southam gasp and this is why.
She loves to watch me put my makeup on I guess she thought she could do it on her own.

The last night of the bed  build they found the boys baseball hats.  Just a little to big stele have some room to grow.

My mom thru her back out pretty bad a month to a month and a half ago.  Well actually she went to a chiropractor to have him do this new laser treatment to see if it would help, and it ended up making it worse,  and to make it even worse, she was leaving work and slipped and fell on the wet floor at school.  She said she was a big girl until she got out to the car because she didn't want the janitor that helped her of the floor to see her cry.  She said that when she fell she felt her hole back crack. 
The pain keep getting worse and worse.   She couldn't even move.  So she ended up going and seeing a doctor at our urgent care here in vernal. She had to turn it in on workman's comp. After two times of going they gave her some meds, and told her that she will need to get some physical therapy.  She starts tomorrow. 
I came to see if there was any thing I could do last Wednesday, ( the day of her photo shoot) and couldn't  stand to see her having to live in the cramped, unorganized quarters she has been living in for a year, and hating.   I told her I would be back tomorrow to help her clean her house.  Randan came that night for dinner, and start the build on a bed mom has wanted to do for a little while.  The picture shows pretty much the hole bed finished  we just added some bracing and that was that.  It took two days, but I think it will be nice for all involved.  Next is the room Christine is staying in.   

Next Years Halloween Costume? Maybe Not!

We had been having some pictures taken this evening.  I need to add right here that is was Darn cold.  We had them on the temple grounds, and mom had my friend Joie take them, she is very good.  I actually have four friends that rock the picture taking seen.  Mom bought all her Grand girls dresses,  and I bought all the boys, but Tucker,  a matching tie.  Sean and Crystal were suppose to come for three days, because of that mom set up this photo shoot.  She has always wanted some professional pictures of her kids and grand kids.  Sean Ended up having work problems and wasn't able to make it.  We went on with the shoot because the rest of us had worked it out.  I am excited to see the finished product. 
Now for the reason of this picture.  We went and ate after this pictures, and Randan had some shopping he needed to get done.  While we were in one of the stores Tucker found this construction cone and put in on his head as a hat.  I got all excited and told him maybe we should get it and use it for a Halloween costume next year.  The expression I think tells you just how he felt about that.  Love it when those rare moments happen when I get that perfect picture.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bridal Shower Gift!

Randan helped me by making the "N" and the "L."  Then I painted them. Good team I think.

It's a wreath if you can't tell.

Seastrand will be the new bride's last name.

Tree ornaments

You cant tell but the mugs say "His" and "Hers."

This is a advent calendar that I made out of some old pallets we had in our yard.  I also made the tree ornaments out of cinnamon and apple sauce.  The house smelt so good for a day or two.
My cousin is getting married two days before thanksgiving this year.   I decided for the shower and wedding I would make them some Christmas decorations. I  think that this gift only cost me $50 to $60 dollars, not to shabby for a shower and wedding gift.  I loved, loved making all the items, it was so fun.      

Halloween 2014!

These are the treats that Tucker handed out at school this year

I made her costume this year.  Wasn't going to spend $70.00 for one night.  If you cant tell she is a octopus.

I was attacked by Tucker.  My shirt says "Long Beach "Warning" Shark Attacks."  I found these makeup tattoos that looked like wounds. They all came off latter that night but the one on my neck.  It kind of looked like I had a weird hickey. I was very impressed because I had to go to a bridal shower the next day and couldn't get it all the way off.  

Punpkins 2014!

I feel bad because looking back I didn't get hardly any of Tucker and his pumpkin. His is the second one from the right.  He wanted it to be the scariest. I think there were two reasons. #1 I had to many things going on at one time to concentrate on taking pictures and what I was doing.  #2 I couldn't stop laughing at Raegan,  and her response to the pumpkin guts.  If the pictures don't do it justice she was not excited, at all, about the cleaning of the pumpkin.