Saturday, May 26, 2012


They thought this was great. Like a wadding pool.

This broom was floating down the hall.

Dont know if you can tell, but the water is around my ankles.

I think Grandma was a little frustrated with us getting rid of all her water this last April, so she got more then enough back.  We haled Glass and plastic  bottle after bottle of water storage out of Grandmas basement a month ago. Natalie and Char joke that grand ma had started a drought in Vernal with all her water storage.  We all got a laugh out of that.
On a serious note Grandma had quite the flood. I was worried I hadnt seen a Rainbow in a while.
On Thursday evening Grandma went to her house to check on things and found 1 to 2 inches of standing water through out her entire basement. Because her phone has been rerouted to mom's house she had no was to get a hole of any one, so she drove home, and got mom to help. They called Service Master.  They came with a pump of some sort, and tried to pump it out. They pump couldn't keep up, because when Grandma, and mom showed up the next day there was  steel water. Service Master returned, and tried pumping water. After a while the guy doing the pumping decide he was done, and told Grandma and mom to figure out were the water was coming from, and then call him. Buy Saturday Uncle Mark, Aunt Denna, Brenton, Breanna, Bethany, Mom, Aunt Teresa, Ben, Randan, Me, Justin, and Christine were there. Aunt Denna and the girls haled all the stuff that was left except that mattresses and some stuff in the furnase room out and in the garage so grand ma could go through it. We took two loads to the dump.  Randan brought a water pump from the ranch and had the 3-4 inches of water out in about 30 min. to an hour. They started going through all the places they thought that it might be coming in.  After 3-4 hours all the water had come back. Sunday  they keep the pump going down this drain in the furnace room. That seem to keep a handle on it. Monday afternoon Grandma had a guy from Webb's  come and look at her gray water line. He found that when Sliver Spur had gone down Grandmas road they had messed up the gray water line. It was off set . This with the irrigation and line needing cleaned out all contributed to the flood. Silver Spur fixed there mistake and we got the line cleaned out the best we could. Webb's said that The water line is going to need replaced, but cleaning it out hopefully bought her some time.


We want to plant a garden every year this is are third attempt. Last year wasn't bad,  but it wasn't great. The year before that was a total flop. I am a little lire to write about this before we have any sign of any thing growing.I don't want to jinks it. I am not good with seeds, and that is how Randan decided to start some of the garden. I will keep my fingers crossed.

What a cut little sucker!

Tucker enjoys the movie from Disney's Pixar "Cars." Mater is one of the characters and when we were at the gas station the other day I found this ring pop with mater teeth on the front I had to get it for him he wanted a picture.  This is what we ended up with .