Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Let it Snow

I couldn't get a very good picture.  I thought of dowsing it with some color, so you could see how small it is, but that is the first Snow Man of the year.  It's as big as our cats. Tucker wasn't to excited to build one, so he just hurried, and did this.  Reagan was the one who wanted it. When his heart isn't in it, not much of an attention span, that one.    

This is our cool icicle we are growing this year. 
 Randan say's it looks like a Crane foot. 

As you can very well see we have got a decent storm. My kids were excited to play i n the snow, so I let them go out on a early Friday when it was some what warm and play in the snow. Tucker has had this nasty cough that has gone thru everyone this year. It started middle of October and is maybe ending with him. Fingers crossed. 
Any way that is why I tried for a early day. 
It is very wet snow, so they didn't stay long before they were wanting to come in because they were cold. 
It was so fun to watch them play together. I remember doing that with my siblings manly Christine. When we lived in Ashley we had what we'd  call, "The Honda Hills," just up the road, and when dad would being tire tubs home, we would go tubing as often as we could. There was a family that lived two houses away, they had lots of girls, of which Christine, and I were right in the middle of, and they would play with us also. A LOT! Just ask my mom it would drive her crazy.  Some fond memories there. 

Split Mt. Ward Christmas Party

In the spring we got a new ward that shares the Jensen Chapel.  My family, and I are apart of this new ward.  With any thing new their has been some  people murmuring, but I have to say I think we very much needed it. I was and am very excited.  Randan, and I have talked a lot about it and we both agree that if you let it, you can see many blessings from this new adventure. 
I might have mentioned all of this before, but this party reminded me that Heavenly Father is in control. He knows what he is doing, and we are blessed to be apart of this ward. 
I am steel in the primary presidency, and the tradition is that we are in charge of the Christmas Party. We as a new presidency decided to delegate out some parts and I will say that help a lot. In years past we have done everything and it get crazy. 
I was in charge of the decorations and I know we have had more grand party decorations but I think it turned out OK. 
There was good food and a cute program. I think, in my opinion, it was a success.     

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree 2015

 I didn't want to put this one, because of my big bum but I had to because of Tucker's face. 

I have taught my daughter a very bad thing.  I was just playing with her one day and stuck my tongue  out at her. As soon as I had done it I knew I had done a bad thing. 

We decided that we would go fake this year I am glade it has been nice to have a year break from watering a dead tree, and I hate the sap. 
It was very fun to watch them because they are both getting older. And enjoy it more.