Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just Learning

Randan had to try on him self to get it just right. 

So, just before Christmas I bought Tucker a new tie.   I looked all over in town, and couldn't find one that I liked, so I ordered it online.   I decided that maybe Randan could start to teach Tucker how to tie one, instead of getting one that zips or snaps.  We have always been in a hurry to get it done except last Saturday just before we were tucking Tucker in bed, I asked  Randan if he would tie Tucker's Tie so he could wear it in the morning. He took Tucker and started to teach him how.  I am sure It will take a few times but, I am glade they have started. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Master Bed and Bath

These are the before pictures, of the end tables, in the picture below.

Laughed and Laughed.

Not sure where start because I have so mush going on in my head.  I guess at the very beginning.  When Christmas rolled around Randan asked me what I wanted.  I have wanted to have my office a certain way for a few years now and might have mentioned it before.  I know it will take time, and money, but I couldn't resist in answering his question with " Our Office,"  because that is what I really want.  He asked what I really want, and I replied the same answer.  This went on for a few days.  I came up with another idea that I thought would be a little more manageable for Christmas.  I mean its not like I was the only one getting a gift we needed to take care of both side of our family, each other and the kids. 
There is a place in Fort Duchesne that sales antiques, and I have seen over the years old wood doors there.  I also have seen where people have taken these doors, and made them into head and foot boards for their beds.  I love the look.  I decided that is what I would ask for.   I talked called that store cause I wasn't going to drive a hour to see if on the off chance they had the doors.  I'm am glade I called because the first time  I did they dint have any.  I waited a week or two and decided to  try again. I got lucky so I drove over and got two doors.  When Randan got home that night I don't think he was to impressed.  This is where, in my story, I am disappointed,  because I got before pictures of the doors, but for the life of me I can't find the pictures.  I think you would have all agreed with Randan's assessment.  They were in poor shape.  The previous owner of the foot board had painted it his horrendous, white and blue, with a poorly hand painted (in red) scrolly design, screwed 2x6,s for shelves, and then polyurethane over it.  It was bad.  To add to it they both had a odder.  They don't now thank the heaven's.  I sanded and painted them and Randan helped me make it into a head and foot board for our bedroom, so that is what I got for Christmas from Randan. I got gift cards and money also, so with that I got the decorations that are on the end tables, bathroom, coffee table and dinning table. 
The dressers were my Grandma and Grandpa Haslem's. They went though their house this last summer, and cleaned it out.  I got three of their old dressers.  When we got our bed put together I knew I was going to want something new for the end tables, but had ran out of Christmas $ $.  One morning I came up with the idea of using these two shorter ones for the end tables.  I originally wanted Randan to see if he could cut one of the drawers of making them shorter, but after pulling one in to measure it, I decided I liked how hi they were.  I think Randan was relived, because he quickly agreed with me, and said,  "I like them don't you?"  It was kind of funny how fast he agreed, and gave his opinion.  Him giving his opinion on this kind of stuff, very rarely happens!  I painted them and as you can see in the pictures that is how they turned out.  I am in love with it all.  It is so fun to do this.  I am so very slow at coming up with the ideas, and not sure the best at pulling it all together.  But boy is it fun.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tuckers 6th Birthday January 14, 2015

I asked Tucker the day before his birthday what kind of cake he wanted.  He told me an ice cream cake.   But he wanted it big so he could put his killer whale on it.  I tried to find the number the day before to our new cold stone, so they could make me one but I couldn't fine it.  like an idiot I didn't look on line for it so that is why we have two round ice cream cakes.  He was happy and that is all that maters. 

I love the tong he dose this when he is concentrating.   

As you can see she liked the bows. 
I asked Tucker a month ago what he wanted to do for his birthday this year and also told him it wasn't going to be like last year  where he got to invite friends and have a theme and games and the hole nine yards, but we could steel  have his family, and have a party.  He wanted to go and eat for sure. The first place he picked was a Bar/Restaurant called Club XS.  We eat there with Randans family every so often.  They have the best stakes ever, also a artichoke dip that is beyond good. We wouldn't have been able to afford 20 peoples 20 dollar plates, so we had him pick another place.  He said "Ok then I want to go to the place where they have the chop stick."  We have a Chinese buffet  that we thought would be just fine, so that is where we set it up.  He loved it.  They were so kind and helpful.  The food was ok, I have been there when it was better.  I know he as so excited to have all his family there to celebrate this day with him. 
He is now getting fun and realizing his birthday is getting close.  We marked it on the calendar and it was a count down. 
I am so glad to have our Tucker in our lives he defiantly keep life interesting.  He is a kind, tender,  soul and wants people to be happy.  He also wants what he wants and finds a way to make it happen.  Which is a good thing if used wright.  His teachers have told me he is a leader. I hope that he use that to be a good example.  I hope we are teaching how to be a good example, and to stand up for the wright. No mater what.     

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Brother doing Hair

I wish I had a picture or two so you would be able to see how cute this was.  I had just got out of the shower (that is the reason for no pictures) when Raegan came in to my bathroom, and Tucker followed her.  Tucker had been combing Raegan's  hair with a round brush I have.  I guess that wasn't enough because he decided to get the clips out of my drawer, and do Raegans hair for me.   He even stated: "Mom I will do Raegans hair for you!"
I was watching him have Raegan stand in between his legs while he sat on the edge of the tub, and combed her hair.   He would put clips in it, and then change them around wanting me to see each, and every style he did.
It was so cute and tender how he treated her and how she just let him do her hair. Both just enjoying their time together.    I love those moments of being a mother.   

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Frist Pair of Hills

This might be a little silly, I hope not, but might be.   We got a new store in town called Shoe Dept. and tucker needed some new church shoes, so I decided to try this new store.  It's not like I had been all over the rest of town trying to find something suitable and affordable.  It's a ok store, I'm not sure of the quality just yet. 
When we were in there I was looking around orientating my self and found theses shoes I got for Reagan.  Just couldn't resist.  I was worried that I might be growing her up to fast.
They are Nine West I have always liked that brand for my self.  She will hopefully out grow them before they out ware her, and if we are blessed with any more girls then we can hand them down. 
P.S. We did find Tucker some shoes also.