Monday, January 30, 2012

Tucker's Third Bithday

Tucker just turned 3 yeas old. Wow! I cant believe it. I just went through all the old pictures on my computer and saw all the pictures I took when he was a few months and a year and two years. It really took me back.  I just need to get him potty trained. He has been so stubborn with this concept.

For his third birthday we decided to take him to a new place that just opened about 4-6 months ago called Jump-n- Jiven. the have a lot of the blow up slides, bouncy things, and obstacle courses Tucker loves slide. At a park that is pretty much all he will do. January is such a hard time of year for that sort of stuff, so we decided this would be perfect.  I think he had a really fun time. He is also way into dinosaurs, so if you cant tell that is what his cake was this year. I didn't have a lot of time to get way creative so its just a generic cake. He got to keep  the dinosaurs on top so I don't think he cared much what it looked like.