Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grandpa's Hats!

This is of Nat, Char, and I. When we were going through Grandma's house they (Grandma, Aunt Diane, and Uncle Mark) found these hats and let us have them. We got a big hoot out of them, and had to get a picture. I hate pictures of me, so it had to be funny for me to put it in here.


I took all these pictures because my grandma is selling her house, I have memories of all these places.
My cousins, sister, and brother would play around the yellow bush there was also a vine that covers her front window in the summer time we would play house under that window.
That front room has so many memories I don't even know where to start. thousands of wonderful conversations went on in that room. Most of them made me want to be a better person.
Christine, and I would clean out all the books from the book shelf,  and play like it was a Barbie house.
I knew I could find my Grandpa and Grandma (depending on the time of day) sitting around these tables talking.
The Kitchen table is expesually special because when we would come and visit we would get one or the other or both a bowl of cereal or toast. homade toast.
This bathroom was always cool to me just because it hat two rooms in it. One for the l toilet and shower and one for the sinks. It also had a homemade round stool in it. I don't know if you can see it but when My family lived there for 18 mon. that is where we would sit if we were getting are hair done.
The basement was always creepy and mysterious to me.
Under all the trees we had a play house that we would spend hours under. The one that is cut down is one where we would have pic- nicks.
The one by the red barn was a Mulberry tree we could climb up on the roof and get the good mulberry's . I remember the roof being hot in the summer a lot of the time we didn't have any shoes on so are feet would be satined with mulberry juice.
I am sure if I was to go back through the pictures I would be able to tell you even more stories. For now this will do.


Well as you can see the Easter bunny visited us this Easter holiday.

Cleanning Grandmas House!

Easter week end my Grandma was able to have all of her children come home. ( witch I think she enjoyed very much) They help her clean out her hole house. Even rooms I had no idea she had. Mind you I have lived in vernal my hole life, so I have been in and out. In fact my family lived in the house  for 18 months. I don't know if that is good to tell or not. I well let you decide. I will say that she is the best water sorager I have ever seen. She rented this large garbage container so we could throw away whatever she wanted us to. As you can see it sprung a leek. that is mostly form the water that we pulled up from the storage room. There was also some old fruit and fish she had caned. Among other things. I want to put a side note in. My son, and his cousins played in that water, or what ever you want to call it. If I wouldn't have been in such a hurry to get him clean so we could eat I think I would have remembered to take pictures. From Head to Toe is all I am to going to say.
We worked on the house for three days, and I will tell you they were some of the funnest three days of my life. I have always loved to spend time with my family on both the Haslem and Southam side. When you get my mom and her siblings together it's like nothing I know. It is pure joy. I was also able to see two of my cousins from Canada. They were able to say @ my house and it was so enjoyable. I was so exited for everyone to come and so sad when they all left. Randan was are personal Chef  for dinner all three nights, and he did an amazing job just like I knew he would. He has always impressed me in this category. He is impressive in many ways. There were many hands that helped her this week end, and I know she is truly thankful.


I have to throw these ones in every once on a while. You know the ones where you catch your kids doing things they shouldn't.
The top two are of tucker playing with Randans tackle box. He didn't have any shoes by the door so he stole his Fathers and went out to the garage.
The last one was just the other day. He had eaten his dinner really well,so I told him he could have Ice Cream. I was laying on the couch watching a program on TV when I got that oh my heck where and what is my kid doing kind of quite, I need to find him right now. Feeling.  He had got some of his toys, as you  can see, and dumped the melted ice cream out on the counter, and was running the toys trough the ice cream.