Saturday, September 20, 2014

Before and After Coffee Table

Yes!  I finally got a before shot .  This Coffee table and end Table we got when we moved into our house.  I wasn't vey sold on them when we got them but we got them any way.  I decided to maybe change the finish and see if I liked them any better before going and buying new ones, which would never happen, there are two many things that need to get done around here before that happens, they are way down on the list.  I like how they turned out. I just hope they don't look like a holstein cow .

Friday, September 19, 2014


Raegan watching the butterfly.  She has this bag that she caries all over with her you can see the back of it in the picture below, it has her sunglasses and a few other things  in it.  I want to point out that I love that you can see my laundry in the back ground.  Gees.  

When Tucker got home from school we let him go.  I feel bad because we had just got back from dropping Tucker off to catch the bus,  I took a picture of the black cocoon,  I left the room to put the camera up, and walked back in, and the butterfly was there.  I was hopping that tucker would have been able to see it.

We had to help it get going or I guess I should say help it survive the cats.  They would keep jumping to get it.  Tucker was balling because he didn't want it to be eaten.  I had to put it on a stick and let it go when the cats went around.   

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kids Bathroom

I apologize for the wrinkly shower curtain, but I wanted to post this now while it was clean who knows what it will look like after the kids take showers and baths to unwrinkle the shower curtain.
I vamped up the kids / guest bathroom.  It was looking sad and every time I went in there to... well went in there to do anything it stressed me out.  Like I said before we just got us a new TJ Max and I decided to see if they had any thing that would help me.  I found the basket's that have the towels, hand towels, and lotion there.  The green shelf I found at DI a long time ago, and the old window I had some where else in the house, and decided it would work better here.  The old pot lids I found at a garage sale for like 25 cents a piece.  I did get a new shower curtain, and two new green towels to tie everything together.  It was a grand total of  $40 dollars for the hole thing.
P.S. sorry I don't have a before picture we all know how I am at that.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Pj's

We are so excited to say that we now have a TJ Max in vernal, and shortly should have a Ross.  I am so excited not sure Randan is.  I wont have to go to the city any more cense my two of my favorite stores are here. Now all we need is Target.  I found these P J's and had to get them for Tucker he likes dinosaurs and the color blue winner winner chicken dinner.  the only concern I had was the built in feet not sure how he would respond but he loves them. Whewe

Harvest Creation

Tuckers Teacher sent a paper home in his Monday folder informing us that on Friday the 12th  the school would be having a Harvest Creation day.  We were to go to our gardens and create some thing from the produce. I remember doing this once when I was a kid.  As Tucker and I were walking to the garden I asked him what he wanted to do and immediately he responded with "Airplane."  I decided that I could help him make that happen.  This is the result.
There were lots of darling creations.  Just a few I liked:  A dog, a sea creature with Swedish fish in his teeth, and Tuckers of cores.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Yesterday while I was on the phone setting up my visiting teaching times with the lady's my partner and I visit, I got tucker set up to do his home work on the kitchen counter.  Raegan saw this and knew what was going on so she went to her high chair and said: " me!  me!   me!"  I got her set up also, and came into the office to get the phone calling done. 
I know, I know, you all are thinking you did  this too your self who gives a one year old markers?  But in my defense I  have given them to her before and this was never the out come.  I think they got into a marker war or something.  Thank havens they are washable. You tell me who think won!


Tucker's friend and Kayden, Houston, and Aubree's cousin Caleb called tucker last week and wanted him to come over and pick a caterpillar to watch it turn into a butterfly.  I set up a time with his mom and we went over for about and hour.  Tucker loved playing in their creek they have running on the side of their yard.  They would take sticks, get the seaweed, and through it back into the water.  
We ended up with two caterpillars one for Tucker (his is the one in the cocoon) and one for Raegan (hers is not shown). They will both turn into monarch butterfly's.  Tuckers was the bigger of the two so of corse his is in the cocoon first.  they will only eat milk weed so I had to go find some today for raegans, we don't have any around our house, don't worry we have every other variety and lots of dirt. Weeds and dirt that's us. As I was driving to town I found some along the side of the road.  I hope hers dose as tuckers.
I have never seen a cocoon in real life so this is fun.