Monday, January 31, 2011

Grandma and the remote.

On Saturday I went and helped my mom move her file cabinet to her new house. It was supose to go with the first batch when we moved her a few Saturdays ago, but it didn't work out. Because it was just the two of us we had to take all the files out, and box them up. While we were doing this my Grandma Southam told us about the remote and the phone. This is the story:  "My aunt Teresa had  my Grandma help her out with a poem she needed for Tegan and her yearbook, so she called grandma to get the poem, and I guess that  grandma was in  her recliner relaxing her back when she go this phone call, and the poem was in on the table so she got up and went in to the other room, found the poem and proceeded to read it to aunt Teresa. She read the hole thing and waited for a response, when there was non she continued to say, "Teresa are you there?" Grandma could hear some one talking so she said it over and over. "Teresa are you there?" she finally looked down and loan behold she had been talking in to the Remote. No wonder there was no response!"

Monday, January 17, 2011


We finally got started moving mom this last Saturday (January 15 2011) She had gone out to the shed where she had moved all her belongings 18 months ago and went thru it all and picked out the stuff that she wanted in her house. As you can see in some of these pictures and past blogs she is building a garage and when it is done she will move the rest of her belongings. It didn't take us very long at all. only two hours moving it to her house. It was because as mom has always said " many hands make lite work."  The rest of the day consisted of washing all the dishes that she has (they were covered with spiders) and sterilizing the mouse poop toy's thank heavens for Crystal and her day care skills.  You wouldn't think washing dishes would take so much time but I guess when it is every single dish you own it becomes hours and hours of work. I made Randans Cheese Chili for lunch it hit the spot. We also had hot chocolate (which I am not a general fan of) and left over cup cakes from Tuckers birthday. All in all it was a productive, fun, and crazy day.
 Radan and Uncle Alan weiring mom's garage.

This is the "Famous Purple Room" everyone has been buzzing  about. Oh ya and the "Famous Sean The Great" hooking up mom's Internet.

Number 2

My son is officially 2 years old. Ya know when your in the store or a public place with one or more of your children and people will tell you "Oh there so cute" then they ask " How old are they" well I can finally be honest when telling everyone he is two. I have never been very good at keeping track of how may months he was so this will be easier. I Would just say " Oh he will be two on the 14th of January, and let them do the math. We thru  Tucker a birthday dinner with all his family that could come. He had quite a lot show up. My house isn't very big so we were crammed but it was lots of fun.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


This happen two days ago. We had popcorn the night before and the bowl was left on the counter with a little left in it. My son (the excellent climber that he is) climbed up on the on the counter to get the popcorn.  I went in the other room to put the computer up and did make it back in time. There were two glasses up on the counter along with to popcorn bowl. He started to play with the glasses and broke one. That's how we ended up in urgent care with 6 stitches.  It breaks my heart. 

New Year

My Grandma and Grandpa for as long as I can remember have had a New Years Eve party. They totally go all out one the food and we play games till midnight. I have always loved to play games so this I enjoy. Randan and I decided that we would go there this year. We couldn't stay the hole time because Randan had been up the two night's before till midnight or later so I told him we would stay till 10:00 pm then go home. I felt so bad because we didn't get gone till 11:00 pm. He was wiped out. Another reason for us was Tucker needs to get to bed sooner then 12:00. My son found the piano at my grandma and grandpa's house. We might be doing piano lessons.