Friday, September 30, 2016

Oh the Storm

About a week ago we woke up to some major rain. It wasn't  blowing witch was nice, just an extreme amount of rain for this area. I can honestly say that in my life time I have never seen this much rain in one day.  These pictures don't even do it justice, especially the bottom picture.  That picture is of the top pasture, of the ranch, half of the trees in the field were covered, some of the wheel line, and fence were submerged.   The dead sunflowers are covering up all of that. I was on the high way and didn't want to get out to get hit. There are some places that are steel puddled and drying out. I am sure grateful for the moisture. We always need rain.


Randan, Reagan, and I  made dinner the other night.  I couldn't resist getting this picture.   I had went to the bathroom and come back to find this. I love that he picked the most feminine apron that I have. That's what makes this so funny to me. Well that and it looks a little to small. Oh and that he looks like he just broke out of jail with the orange and stripe bottoms.

Baby Shower

The kids got in to the pile and were playing with a few things.

Our primary Program was Sep. 25 2016 this year we did it sooner then planned because we weren't sure when I would be having my baby.
She is due on October 12 2016, and our program was originally scheduled for after that date.  
I am telling you all this because, the Friday before we had decided to get together as a presidency, so we would be prepared to practice the next day with the kids, or so I thought.
Our president Jenni, and first counselor Mary, threw me a surprise baby shower.
I was very surprised. When I pulled up to the chapel I saw my mom and sister walking into the chapel, and was very confused as to why they would be coming to our meeting, but I soon found out.
It was a perfect size they invited my Grandma Haslem, my aunts on my Dad's side, my mom, sister, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, my friend Joie, and a few women from the primary.
I am so grateful for the gifts they all gave it helps a lot. I know I had a girl just before but, I didn't have as much when I pulled up all the stuff that I used with Reagan that I thought I had.  
I would have to have  use my hole office, and family room floor to lay each out fit out, so you get a pile instead, and who cant use dippers.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Harvest Creations 2016

Tuckers school dose this every year, in fact I remember doing it when I was his age at Naples Elementary.   I have learned to start coming up with ideas so he can chose what he wants to do.  I found on Pinterest this idea, and new he would love it, thankfully I was right. I generally take pictures the night before, so that it looks fresh, and not wilted, but I didn't want the red tissue paper to get gross, so I thought I would just do it at school the next day, but I was late getting him to school, so I thought I will right after school.  Well he decided to share all the candy with his classmates, luckily I had to get some milk at the store.   I replaced the candy so I could get the appropriate picture.       

Birthday Gift

My friend Joie has always been so good about birthdays, and I haven't.  I have the last few years tried to do better. So this year I knew her birthday was coming up, so tried to come up with a couple of  ideas that I thought she might like. This was the one I decided on.  Because you cant see it very well, the chalk board says "Happy Birthday Joie."   There is a few pieces of chalk in the tin hanging on the side. The cloths pins are to put pictures, thoughts, or what ever she would like.  I haven't done a project like this in some time, so it was fun to put it together.
Joie has always been a good friend I can't expess in earthly words how greatful I am to have had her as a friend all these23 + years.

Monday, September 12, 2016

First day of 2nd Grade

I think the title say's it all. This was Tucker's first day of school. He was not excited to have to start school again. I am amazed that we got him smiling in this picture. I will say that by the second day everything was okay.

Pioneer Day 2016

This year for Pioneer day Randan was put in charge of the float. He had to turn it back over to the bishop and then I fell in the R.S. lap. He wasn't sure weather he would be there or not to take charge and get it all put together.  I think that the ward members did a great job. The kids were rode on it this year. Tucker was a Truck Driver like his dad. Reagan wanted to be a Dancer.  They wanted the kids to dress up  like people that make our community work, and function. The primary leaders were asked to ride as well.  Jenni, Mary and I well rode as well. Wow it was hot the poor kids were melting, and we were the second to last float. For as many kids that were on the float they all did really well to not complain.   

4th of July 2016

This is another holiday that Randan had to miss this year.  He had to go to North Dakota for a week or so.  We watched the parade with mom and some of the Haslem clan.  Was lots of fun. A good parade for vernal. The scouts did a awesome display, and if I could have figured out how to get it on camera I would have.  That night we went to the fire works and enjoyed the different kinds, some cotton candy and are own little fire work display.  

Michael & Connie Haslem Reunion 2016

This year everyone wanted to go camping.  Because I am pregnant I requested we go somewhere that there was a cabin with bathrooms, and running water. We hadn't been to Moon Lake sense I was pregnant with Tucker and Dad was alive so we decided to take three days and go.  We rented a boat on day and spent the day on the lake. The day before they went swimming, that was good, because all the days after it rained on and off. We played games, and at some yummy food. The banana bread was a hit.   I thought I was such a good planner down to the last detail, and I totally forgot the one meal mom requested.  Dutch oven chicken and French fries. I had left the chicken and fries in the freezer at home. Thank the heavens we had left overs.
Another thing about this trip that I will remember forever is that when we were touring the lake some of us on the boat had to use the bathroom. Randan thought he had found the best place to take care of that but it was a mess. Raegan was screaming and we had to junp back and forth form a clif of rocks to the boat. To try to explain dosnt do it justice.  One of those you needed to be  there moments.

Stock Show 2016

Tucker showed his goat this year at the stock show. He did oaky this year he has done better years before, but he did place so that's good. He took sixth place in showman ship. On market I am drawing a blank, so if I can remember I will fix this.  

Another Before and After

I had my eye on this table at TJ Maxx for a while. I didn't like the black with the checker on top but I like the style of the table, and wanted to but it at the end of my couch.  So when I went on sail  for thirty five dollars had to pick it up.  I had some chalk paint at home that I loved the color of .  I had it done in less then an afternoon.  I really like how it turned out  

Silly Faces

This spring we were at mu moms house for a reason I cant remember and they wanted to have a picnic. Man we have been having lots of those picnic's.  They made faces out of their shells I couldn't resist I had to take pictures, because I thought that was ingenious.  

Vincent Picnic

The Monday after Easter the kids didn't have any school. Well that is if I am remembering this correctly, so the Vincent clan wanted to go on a 4 wheeler ride then have a picnic. This is in top of the Honda hills just in our back or front yard which ever way your house faces.   We lit a fire and ate sandwiches. Randy and Tamara told us a little about the history of  a water line that was put in before even Randan was born. It was kinda cool to hear all about that.  

Easter Morning 2016

This is what the Easter bunny brought the kids.
If I can remember correctly we I had to wake up the kids so we wouldn't be late for church.

Easter Picnic 2016

I am so happy to announce that I am back in business.  Our computer died and I had no way to do this. We just got a new one this weekend.
Okay back to business.
This was our Easter weekend. The Saturday before mom, the kids and I went to Split Mt. and had a picnic. Randan was working in Nebraska for a few weeks, so he missed Easter.  We missed him too.  This is where we would come when I was a little girl.  My mom wanted to have a picnic here so this is what we did. Nobody was able to make it  but us. We had invited a few of the Haslem clan, but they had other obligations.
We had a picnic and then went on one or two Easter egg hunts.  Tucker and Reagan wanted to go down by the green river which is just a short walk from where we had lunch and the hunt. As you can see there was a cool cave and the beach was fun to play in.