Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baby Room!

When Randan and I found out we were expecting I told him weather or not its a girl or boy I want to bye a nice crib set. I made Tuckers, and it was a catastrophe. It was 6 to 7 inches to short on ether side, and when I washed it it came apart in a couple areas.  I wanted to find out what we were having a boy or girl so I knew what to look for and when we found out it was a girl I started looking at stores here in Vernal and stores in Provo I also looked in line. I didn't find any thing that I loved I look and shopped what seemed to me quite a bit. I finally resorted in making another bed set. I am going to say it is steel not exactly what I wanted but it will do. The bed skirt is made out of pink and cream tool with some of the fabric that I used in the quilt.  The quilt is steal a little to small, but no where near as bad as Tuckers. I am stupid and didn't wash any of the fabric before making it. I know better. I maybe a yellow blanket out of some of the left overs I think you can see it in one of the pictures. Its hanging over one of the brown chairs. I  used the same backing for it as I did for the bed quilt and when I washed it it balled up in the washing machine and inside the blanket so bad that if feel like balls in the blanket, so I am a bit scared to wash the quilt. The curtains I made, and stenciled a flower to match the ones in the pattern in the quilt. The yellow picture frame you see is what I put together to hold all of the baby's hair bows and berets. All in all I think it will work. Is it what I had in my head not really, but I am steal pleased. 

Genral Confrence and Lego's

For Tucker's last birthday I bought him this Lego set thinking that it would be like the one he got for Christmas. I was wrong. The one he got for Christmas was more like  the Duplo which is bigger pieces. It was a construction set that had a back hoe, and  a couple of dump truck. He loves it plays with it allot. When I opened this one up I thought "That was smart Katherine!" It has tons of the smallest Lego pieces I think I have ever seen. He didn't know quite what to do with it. It's been stashed on his top shelf in the closet for 9 months and  on conference Randan, and I pulled it out so Tucker could be doing it while lessening to Conference. I think Rnadan had a funner time then Tucker. It is a fire station with the helicopter, and fire trucks to go with. We have all the trucks and station put together except one. I had to supper glue the helicopter together in a spot because my three year old would get so frustrated that it  keep coming apart. Mom also got frustrated with having to put it back together thirty times a day.