Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day of First Grade


Well it's official I have a first grader  This is the first year that he gets to go all day, and have school lunch.  I was excited for him to get to try all this new stuff.   By the bottom picture I'm not sure he was as excited.   Manly wanting me to stop with the pictures. 

Apple Problem

Ok we have a seriously bad apple problem in our house.   My two kids really like apples, but they have a hard time finishing one at  a time.  There was one more, but Randan ate it before I could get this picture.  

Camping 2015

This year for our Vincent/Wilkins Family Vacation we went camping for a day or two.  While we went camping we also went fishing.  Unfortunately our streak is steel a streak we didn't catch a single fish. I'm not sure we even had a bite.  We are horrible fishermen and fisherwomen.  I will say the camping trip was more productive then the fishing.  I think we had fun, and got to experience some new food. Always fun.   

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


A week ago Tucker went with my mother-in-law to ride horses, when he came back she told me he had a little spill.  He had a couple of cuts. One on his finger and one on his wrist.  I wasn't worried at all these things just happen in life.  He seemed a little wound up, and wouldn't walk, he also complained that his head hurt, but Tucker can have a dramatic flair, and I just chalked it up to him being shaken up.  I decided to give him a bath, and wash him up to see if that would also help calm him down.   We had just got out of the tub and he said that his stomach hurt so I asked him if he was hungry, it was lunch time after all.  He told me he was so I made him a sandwich before I could bring it to him he had thrown up all over.  Once again I cleaned him up and gave him something to drink.  Not long after the drink he started to throw up again.  He would also keep trying to throw up but nothing.  He wanted to lay down so I let him lie on the couch and he  stared to fall a sleep but by now I was getting worried.  There were two many things out of the  norm for Tucker so I started to make some phone calls, and look stuff up on the internet.  From the conversations of these calls and information on the computer I decided to take him to  urgent care.  The Doc/Nurse decided that he needed a CT scan, but it was to late to do it there, so to the ER we went.  The results of the scan were normal, but the doc said there were sign's of a concussion by the way Tuc was acting.  They gave him some medicine to help his nausea, a prescription of the same stuff, and sent us home with literature in hand to read.    Tucker hated the neck brace I don't blame him I tried it on and wow that is uncomfortable.  I am sure we are in for more if these instances in our lives', just happen when you have kids. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Baby Shower Gifts

Randan has two cousins that are sisters and they are both having their first baby with in a few months of one another. I was invited to there baby shower and wasn't able to make it because Randan  and  I had a Elders Quorum party conflict, But gave this to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law  to put with the gift that they had got together. 
Just thought I would share.