Friday, July 10, 2015

Copy - Cat Gift Idea from Pinterest

I was on pinterest this morning, looking up ideas for my nephews birthday that is on Monday.  I  knew I was going to town, and wanted to get supplies if needed.  I was going though all the stuff I had pined over the years, and found this idea.  He will be turning the, "exciting" eight years old.  I thought this would hopefully be age appropriate. 
It was so easy, and fast to put together (I bought the supplies, and had it put together in less then one day). 
I put extra things then what my instructions said to put, because I thought it needed it.  This is what it called for:
1. Two Twin sheets
3. Cloths pins
4.Flash Lights
5. Glow Sticks
I added:
1. Book of Mormon Story Book
(you never know some one might want to take over your fort, and you will need protection)
Last, but not least
3. "Candy Stash." 
(Who doesn't want a treat while protecting their turf?)
Oh!  I forgot!  I did a king sized sheet instead of two twin's.   I couldn't figure out why you would want two sheets.  Maybe I'm an idiot, but one solid seemed easier, and more air tite.  I'm sure some one with a more creative flair would understand the two sheets.
That is all.  Just wanted to share. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

4th of July 2015

Not a lot to say on this one, but Happy 4th.   
We got the kids, and went to the annual parade.  The jets flew over, and the flag went up. 
We went to lunch, and later that night the fire works with Randan's Family.    

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Vacation 2015: Day two

Of course the state line.
It was about two hours from St. George.

Our lovely lunch spot.

On the way there were these beautiful meadows that came to the edge of the tidy tree line.  

Randans Selfie.

Entrance to the Park.

So if you haven't guessed we went to the North Point of the Grand Canyon on our second day.  It was another hot day with the air conditioning being so indecisive, but wow the beauty.  Absolutely gorgeous.   
This was the last day I took Pictures because this night I woke up late, around three in the morning with a sever pain in my eye, and it felling like there were rocks in it. It wouldn't stop watering and the only relief I could get was to put a wet cold rag on it, and hope my eye's didn't move. When the morning came, and we had to get up, the light was killer. I couldn't open my eye's.  Thank heavens for Randan, because he found me a doctor and drove me there.  The doc looked at my eye and, said that I had an infection.  He took a picture, and lone behold there was a little puss pocket on my eye.  He prescribed some eye drops that I am steel taking.  I am so grateful for doctors and drugs.   
I guess you also need to know that later that day our air conditioner finally died. It was the hottest day our hole trip. The thermometer read 115 degrees, and you might also like to know that at night when you usually get relief that there was non, it stayed 90 to 100 degrees, so we broke down and bought a new car.  We were talking about getting a new one any way and we got a very good deal. To get the air conditioner fixed it would have taken three days and 1,000 dollars.
Sean and Crystal finally got into town around 10:00 pm this same night.  We decided to get up early, and move them when it was the coolest.  Well that is if you consider 90 cool.  
I wish I would have been able to get more pictures of the last two days that is the only regret. 
I guess I am going to say that this is a vacation that I will never forget.  I had so much fun.  Air conditioner, heat, eye, and all.   

Vacation 2015: Day One

Tucker Liked the Drums.

We packed sandwich stuff to eat for lunch and save some money. We stopped at this cute park and ate lunch.

 Raegan loved the sand box.

This tunnel was 2 miles long.  Well that is what the lady we took a bus ride with said.


This bus had no air conditioning so hot I got sick though I was going to throw up.  I was very pretty in this canyon.  

Sean and Crystal decided to move from Denver CO to St. George UT.  There is a job that crystal is taking there, and it is closer to Drake.  When mom heard the news she new that they would have no help, so we decided to take a little vacation and help them move.  We left two days before they did so we could see some site's.  We decided to hit Zion's National Park.  Randan, and I had never been there and, nether had mom.  It was gorgeous.  Just hot. On our way down.  A little before we ate lunch, our air conditioner in our car started to act up.  Randan, and I both got a little worried.   It was so hot.  90 - 100 degrees.  When it would stop the kids little cheeks would get beat red, and we hadn't even got to the hot part yet.  It would go then stop.  It's like it new where it was going and protesting. I would say if you have never been through Zion's National Park its worth it just make sure your air conditioner is working.


This is what happens when you don't eagle eye a certain little girl.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

85 Years Young

 I need to apologize to grandma about the picture.  It was the only one I was able to get of her close up. 

This is a post of my Grandma Southam's 89th birthday party.  She didn't want a big fuss mad over her birthday, and said absolutely no gifts, but wanted to get together with the kids that could make it.
We BBQ some hot dogs and hamburgers. There were a few salads to go with. It was the hottest day of the year so far and luckily mom has a big house to give us shade.  All of Aunt Teresa's and Uncle Scott's kids, but Tegans husband Trevor, were able to make it, and Randan, and my family from mom's. We ate and, talked it was so much fun.