Friday, May 17, 2013

Got Ya

Reagan has started to pull on Tucker's hair whenever he gets remotely close to her she almost lunges to grab it. I know that she is learning and curious and you all know how baby want to touch everything and put everything in there mouth so they can learn. this is true with Reagan.
I was taking some pictures of Reagan laying on the floor playing with her toys and Tucker wanted to get in on it. I told him to lay down by her with his feet going the opposite way. No sooner had he laied down then she rolled and got a hold of his hair and face instant tears form Tuck. As you can see. He hasn't been feeling 100% so I think it was a lot more dramatic then not.


Randan and I both got to the house late last night. I am so glade I did Italian Chicken for diner, so I wasn't cooking @ 9:00. Tucker had dinner @ the ranch, so he didn't want what I had made, but did want a snack, so I pop some popcorn, and put it in a bowl. We were at the bar in the kitchen eating, and Randan peeked over the chair, and found this. We had to get a picture. Long Day!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Yes I know this will seem silly once you have read what I have to say on this picture. But I was so excited when I was done I wanted to share. I love (love is a understatement) Pintrest, and one of my thousand times of being on there I found this idea. My mother-in-law is in the Relief Society, and was put in charge of a baby shower for a neighbor's daughter-in-law. She asked If Sue and I would help I was in charge or decorations and gifts for the games I decided that I would turn to the trusty old Pintrest to help me come up with Ideas for the gifts, and I was reminded of this I decided to try it. I am so pleased with the out come.

Happy Mothers Day

I wanted on of my most favorite breakfast's for mothers day. French Toast. Tucker was helping me make lunch. As you can see in the pictures above of him flipping the toast. I would soak it and place it on the griddle and he would flip it and place it on the plate. we also had bottled pear's, Cheddar sausage, and apple juice. He helped me by setting the table. I love how I have one plate almost to fall of the table and a napkin squamous. and every thing on one side of the table, so I took a picture. Bless his heart for helping me on Mothers day. 

Grandma's Things

Over a year ago my Grandma's kids came out, and helped her down size. To say the least. She fit a hole house in to one bed room.   That is pretty good if you ask me. I think I have mentioned this in previous entrees. I was able to acquire a few of her belonging's. The later, painter's bench, the two old tubs, and the baby shoes were all hers. This is the start of this wall. Yes the start, it's not done, I work on it a little bit at a time. Two words "New Baby." Enough said. When I get exactly where I want it I will up date, but for now this is it.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cleanning the House

I herd the weirdest noise while I was working on some things in the office at my front door so I looked out the front window to investigate and it was my son with the water hose and as yo can see form the pictures had the water on, so I asked him what he was doing? he responded: "Cleaning the house." I giggled and then got the camera. That milk container now is full of water. He just left the water going in it and went back to playing with his puppy or ridding his bike. I asked him how he was going to get the water out of it he said he would tip it over I told him to try. He soon realized that was going to be impossible. Not only is the milk container full of water, but it has about half dozen nice sized rocks in the bottom to keep it form tipping over in the wind. We might need daddy's help.


Two Sundays ago we had a lesson on Enoch, and how the city was lifted to heaven. We used the Lego's to  recreate the city. I found Tucker is his room recreating the city we built that two Sundays ago. Maybe FHE is sinking in.

Baptisim Towel

This  is what we made and gave Houston for his Baptism. It was fun to do. I just wish you could see what the poems say that makes the hole thing.
The bubble gum says something about chewing the gum while you read your scriptures and when the flavor is gone your done. The towel is a poem on keeping your self clean and how the towel represent you and when it gets dirty you can wash it and its clean again just like going through the repentance process.

New Dresser

This is Tuckers new dresser. I think you all saw what he did to his last one a few entrees back. I couldn't salvage it, it was lament which is hard to paint, and I wanted a little something bigger. He was out growing the old one. I found this one at Deseret Industries for $45.00. I bought new hardware, brought it home, fixed a few drawers, sanded it down, painted the dresser not the drawers and this is the out come. I like it so dose Tucker.

Look what I found

This is how I found Tucker the other morning. He generally wake's up before me but this day I beet him. Curled up in a ball.