Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Eggs 2016

In the last six months work in the Uintah Basin area has come to a major halt, because of that Randan  is gone for two weeks and will miss Easter  so we died eggs the other day so he could be apart of it.  They went by fast but I think they all enjoyed it. Randan hid the eggs the other night, so the kids could fine them they thought that was so fun we did two more times, and would have done more, but Randan said no.  I haven't Been felling good scene October,  so I sat and watched the kids.  I have had one thing on top of another I cant seem to get  on top of it. I will get better for a few days and then bam something else comes along 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Old-World Raspberry Bars

A few weeks ago I was craving something sweet and I decided to make these Old-World Raspberry bars. I found the recipe on Pinterest. It was very fast to mix together. To bake was a bit longer, but they were awesome.   
I was proud of my self because I had never made bars of any kind before and so for them to turn out so well was great. 


Every year in February the circus comes to town. They have ticket's for the kids to get in free which really means the adult tickets are extra pricey to make up for the cost.  
We had taken Tucker when he was little and I wanted to take Raegan. It has been slow, so I asked Randan if we could go and we all went. 
It was fun to watch the acrobat's . You can tell it takes lots of work and practice. The Elephant and Tigers were cool to. 
  In  the first picture you can see we still have our coats on. That is because it was Freezing!!!!!!!  

Once there was a Snow Man

Randan's uncle told him about this, and said if we were in town to go and see it. Randan told me that there was a big snow man, but I didn't  expect this, so cool. Want to know how they did it.