Monday, February 11, 2013

Watching cartoons!

Tucker is always wanting to hold Raegan, and generally she is fussy or I am tyring to feed her or put her to sleep, so he doesn't get to hold her as often ans he would like. This morning he ask if he could hold her just after he had gotten up. I needed to gather some things to get her dressed for the day and feed so I put him in the recliner and sat her in his lap when I came back to check on them an drop off a hand full of my gatherings this is what I found. If I was Raegan my neck would hurt, but they were both intent sitting there watching Curious George.

Raegans Arms!

Yesterday after church we came home, changed our cloths. and got some lunch. Reagan was having a bad day, she was fussy, and hadn't sleep very well the night before or even had a good nap, so when I was putting our things together to go to FHE I sat her in her bouncy chair that sits on the counter. It has a vibrator that some time sooths her.  As you can see by way of the pictures she fell asleep. She would keep doing that thing that baby's do when they are startled, and throw her hands in the air. She was completely asleep with her hand stuck in this position. I found it hilarious.


I had to blog this because I thought his excitement was so cute. He went to the store with me the other day and found these spider man glasses. If he pushes some buttons on the inside of the arms they flash red and blue. That was the exciting part for him expecualy when his father told him he looked like he was a cop pulling some one over.

Friday, February 1, 2013

4 Years!

   I don't have a picture to put with this one and I wish I did. Today is the 4 year anniversary of my father's death.  My mom called to remind me, so I have been thinking about it. Also my mother-in-law asked us what the other day what some of our traditions were growing up so I thought about it and that made me think of my Father. I remember that in the spring and fall we would always do a yard clean. in the spring clean all  the weeds and burn them, mow the lawn for the first time (when us kids got old enough to mow we hated the first mow cuz that meant we were signed up rot the next 3 to 5 months) rake up trash. and get  the garden ready to pant and plant the garden and flowers in mom's flower pots. Now of coarse this didn't happen all in one day. It took a few weekends and days but we always did it as a family. In the fall we would burn trash and leaves. pick up all the things that would get ruined with the snow and find some shelter for them to go. My dad loved  to do this. I think it was a sense of organization  and accomplishment which he loved. I know the feeling. I think that is a trait I inherited from him. I love to see things clean and organized.
   He loved to camp and fish mostly fish but steal love to do both. I remember lots of summers doing these activities some of my most cherished memories are tied to the summer camp trips. I remember burning my chin on a gas lantern and when I went to rub it the skin came off. I remember fishing in the evening and he would be so busy helping us that he never got to fish himself. Looking back and now knowing his love for fishing that makes me feel bad.
   He was a very hard worker he was a perfectionist. He did anything and everything till he got it right. He was very intelligent.
   I know my Father had a testimony of the gospel. He truly love being a member of the church.  I am grateful for this knowledge and example.
I know that with both of my kids I have felt his presence. I have asked Reagan if she and Grandpa Mike had fun in heaven and she smiled at me. I take that as a YES!
There are days when I miss him very much, but I am very grateful for the knowledge of the gospel and the atonement, also for the time I was able to spend with him here on earth.



When we were in the hospital having Reagan Tucker stayed with his cousins, and they had towels that were shaped like different animals like this one. I remember when I worked at the laundry mate there was a women that would make towls like this and sell them through us. They were so cute, and very well made. This one is cute, but not as good as the others. Tucker loves this so it works for me. last night was his first night getting to use it he couldn't wait  to take a bath and get out. It's usually  like pulling teeth to get him out of his bath (he loves the water). Randan turned the shower on him one time. I really don't think I have ever seen him move that fast in my life. Hilarious!

Some what of a smile!

I want to state for the record that I know something is going on with my camera I cant figure it out. 1st why it takes so long for it to take a picture (That is why her smile isn't as big in this picture as it could be. My camera is just getting the tale end of the hole smile) drives me crazy. 2nd why the color is always off, or the flash is so bright and blacks out some of the picture, or what ever the problem is that makes it look the way this picture looks, and or blurry. So if any one has a tip let me know.
All in all I wanted to show everyone what a cute smile she has. When I get my camera's corks figured out I will have to get a better shot.