Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers Day!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year. We went up to my Mother and Father-in-law's, and had dinner. We had fried chicken, french fries,onion rings, some salads, and  angel food cake with strawberries and whip cream for desert.  The bike you see above is what Randan got me for Mother,s Day. I told him about it a while ago not thinking any thing of it, and two days before mothers day he asked what I wanted between three things. This was one of my choices. I was able to go get it yesterday. The weather has not been very good the last three days we have got lots of rain and wind, so I didn't ride it but up the lane, and only to see if I needed to adjust anything. I might want to raise the handle bars. I also need to find something that I can put Tucker in, or on so he can go with me. I truly got spoiled this year.  
There are times when being a mother is hard, and I think what did I get my self into. I always wonder if I am doing, or saying the right thing, so that I, with Randan, and Heavenly Fathers help can raise a valiant, honorable son of are father in heavens. I was scared to death to have kids. I always wanted them very much, I just had to get over the hurtle of  nine months of doctors visits and possibly coming in contact with needles. Oh ya,  and lets not forget the actual delivery, and all that goes along with it.  I am terrified when it comes to doctors, needles, and hospitals. The smell can even do me in.  I didn't realize that I need to be a little more worried about the part after that. The responsibility it takes. I want to do it perfectly. I thought I was prepared, but when I got home my maternal instinct's kicked in, and I started to see where I wasn't prepared at all. The baby blues hit, and wow was I in for it. I don't think that it helped that I had tucker in January when there is no sun. The next three to four weeks after having Tucker  was total fog cover, and that is never good for me. Another hurtle was: Tucker was only two and half weeks old, and my dad passed away. Wow was that a blow, so sudden, and  unexpected.   I hope that you can get how much I love being a mom by me saying simply, "I ADORE BEING A MOM."  That my ranting doesn't drowned that out, because that is the main purpose for this entry.  Me saying, "I love being a mother."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have a formal front room that I never use, so I decided a while back to make it into are office. part of me thinks this will be a perfect spot for it. Out in the open, and right by the kitchen, so when we get kids in school they can work on home work,  and we wont have it all over the table while I am cooking dinner. Pet pev.  Another part of me is nervous to put it there, because that is the first thing you seen when you walk in the front door. I am not one for clutter or the appearance of it. I like things to have a purpose, but stylish. I want it to be pleasing to the eye. Like out of a magazine. ( I know there is one word to sum that all up , but I cant remember it.) I started the move yesterday. I decided to cover the chair and paint it.  It cost me $3.00 at the DI and I loved how it felt when I sat in it . I just thought I would paint it, but it has the red plastic panels and I know you have to have special pint for the plastic so I thought I would get some. I just keep putting it off and putting it off.  Last night I thought, "Katherine why not just cover it."  ddddaaaa. I think it doesn't look half bad for my first upholstery job.

When it rain's it pour's!

I can tell that are spring season is approaching. I can see it in the Primary children, and in my son. The other day I was taking a shower. Typically Tucker stays close by. He will wander back and forth playing with toys watching a program on TV , or he will come and talk to me while I shower. ( I think right now it is ok for him to be around me while in that state, but the time is soon approaching when it wont be.) On this particular day he hadn't been around, and I couldn't hear him. As soon as I was decent I took off looking for him. I didn't want to call out his name because I can sometimes catch him in the act. If you get what I mean. Ha  Ha. So I just walked till I could hear him. When I came around the corner, to his bathroom, this is what I caught. Lotion all over him.  Two days later I ran his bath while I was finishing up the dishes.  He beat me to it.  Part if me was scared to death to find him in his tub. What if he had sucked the water in just right, and well you can imagine. Another part was disgusted because he steel had his dipper on, and another part of me thought what a hoot. So as I said before I think the kid's are getting spring fever.