Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving #2

I guess I do have one picture that has a Tanksgiving refrence. This is the two turkeys thawing out before thatnksgiving.


I am so sad. I didnt get any pictures of this years thanksgiving.I left my camera in the car in my bag. I had already halled in so much stuff in that I just decited to leave my bag in the car. If I wouldnt have done that I would have got some pictures. This year was a little different. We usually eat with the Halsem clan, but mom decited last year she wanted to do it in her own home with just her kids. Well it didnt happen exactly like that. We ate at Grandma Southams house insted. Yes my mom has bought a home, but with all the renovations she is doing it's not quite ready. Grandma Southam had gone out of town for a week, so with her permison we used her house. Grandma's brother got married. He lives in Idaho, so grandma stayed a few days there and then hitched a ride to Salt Lake to have Thanksgiving dinner with The Orullian's. Are dinner was wonderful we had all the normal turky, dressing, potato's and gravy. You get the idea. We also had Aunt Teresa Tegan and Tegan's friend Justin. We didnt have Sean and Crystal. They flew to North Dakota. Because of the quantaty of pepole it was very intament. We were all able to particapate and listen in the convertaions. Not what I am used to during thanksgiving dinner.  I fully enjoyed it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh the crayons!

I have a set of scripture marking crayons in my scripture bag, and I had left them along with my scriptures on the couch last night while I was cooking dinner. Some time between  pre dinner and bathtime he decited to become Picaso on Randans chair. I keep receving this leson over and over. You think I would have learned it by now.


I was on the phone two morning's ago with a friend. I could hear my son so I thought: "He is ok i'll keep talking". I just keep getting a felling that I need to turn around and look for him,  I did, and there he was on top of the counter (yes he has learned to climb up the stool and on the counter) He was licking his finger and dipping it in the Nesquik.  He would then stick his finger back in after licking all the Chocolate off. I couldn't help but laugh. As you can see he seems pritty proud of him self.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ear plugs!

This was yesterday. My mom came down to my house to visit for a short hour. While she was there she saw I was working on a project for Tucker (a quiet book). She asked me about it because she knew that I have wanted to do one for a while. I sarted to show her all the peces that I had cur out so far, well tucker wanted in on it and decited to play with the wings for the bee's. My mom was asking what they were for and Tucker showed her. Even if it wasn't exactly right it was darn cut.

Mom's Birthday

I guess I better explane. This is my mom's 54th birthday. We tried a surprize birthday. My brother told her that he wanted to make diner for her so he dpicked her up and then convinatly need something at my house. We hid out in the gradge. She came tru the door and we screemed Surprise!! I think that she was surprised. My Grandma and Grandpa Haslem hid there car down at whe water office wich is just down the road from Randdan and my house. Christine and I parked behind the house. It was fun to do for her. Ok so about the picture's. I had party hats for everyone at there place settings and when she put hers on she started playing with and showing the grandkids. We all got in on it, and had her place therm all over her head this is what she came up with. I had to get pictures.We laughed so hard there were tears.

Monday, November 15, 2010

First and for most.

I am very eccited. I did it. I am now the proud owener of a blog. That is all.