Friday, December 31, 2010

Fire Place!

The temple  picture you see on the mantel was taken buy one of are talented lady's of Jensen Ward. Then we were able to paint the frames and stress them for a Super Saturday. I think that was the funnest project we have done, well one of them. 
When Randan and I were building are house I got a phone call @ work. Him wanting to know if I want the bricklayer's to put in a mantel. My replie was no, because I wanted to hang my own. I was worried that the mantel that the bricklayer's would place wouldn't be deep enough for me. I wanted a lot of area to place items and decorate, so over two years later we finally got it hung. It was amazing how for such a little project it took so long. I love it! I wish that it could hang lower but my wise husband would let me burn the house down.


My son is a huge M&M's  fan. We will be dong things and out of nowhere he will say: "M&M's mom please." You can imagine the emotional break down that occurs if we don't have any in stock. This one you see in the ear is from the stocking suffers that Santa brought. I caught him sticking it in his ear while playing with his Christmas. Goof Ball!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

In my shoes!

 This is Tucker in Randan's shoes aka boot's Randan was working on a progect and had to go bake and forth from the garadge to the family room so his little shadow would follow him back and forth this is what Randan caught him doing. Had to get a picture because some day he will fill those shoes right up.

Christmas Day!

                                                                               This is the Christmas Tree done, and  Oh look! Santa came.

 What is with packaging of the Toy's  lately it's bonkers Randan had to whip out the screw driver to get the toy out of the box. 8 screw's

This is Tucker's second Christmas. It is getting funner and funner every year. I had a hard time going to sleep I was so excited to see Tucker's face. My mom has told me thruought my life that when my sibling and I were younger on Christmas my dad would wake us up because he was so excited. I am now staring to understand. I know that like me when Tucker gets older and realizes what is going on I will wish I could have more sleep. I remember being so excited (once I got alot older) we (Christine and I) would wake my parents up on the hour asking them if we could go and see if Santa Claus had came. I love holiday's.

Oh Christmas Tree!

Yepe! I got my camera from Santa, so I can now continue. I have a lot to catch up on. First this one I started it two weeks ago and when the camera died it stoped so here are the pictures of my Christmas tree. This tree's stump is so big that Randan had to cut it with a chain saw. I have never had a tree that you had to cut with a chain saw. We had to bring it in thru the back door (my back door is a french door so both doors open).  With Randan's schedule it took us three different days with in a week and a 1/2  to decorate it just in time for Christmas.  

 The Carmel corn is a tradition of Randan's. When you are decorating a tree you have Carmel corn that's it.
This is Randan and Tucker with Tucker's kitten Patches. You can't see the kitten very well. It is the most fluffy cat I have ever seen. They stay on the back porch so when we brought the tree in they wanted in. tucker saw the kitten's and it was all over he wanted to see the kitten. It was 1/2 time in setting up the tree.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My camera is 8 years old and I think that is finally pooped. The door that holds the batteries in isn't working wright. It wouldn't be because it has been dropped a few times. Oh no! I guess that I could try and tape it shut but I think that 8 years is long enough. I am wanting to post my Christmas tree picture's but as every project on my life it goes in shifts. I went to take the last of the pictures and that's when I found out that the good old reliable camera batteries were dead, and the door was broken, it didn't happen . Maybe I will get lucky and Santa will bring me a new camera.

Thats how I roll

I was doing things around my house the other day and this is what I cam across.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My mom's new House.

I was able to help my mom with her house today. Paint that is. She bought it last of August first of September, and no she hasn't moved in yet. She has been doing some work on it. Fixed her master shower and had it tiled BEAUTIFUL!  She is having a garage added on and cement work all around the out side of the house .  Also has done some cleaning in side and out. Now she is painting. Yes the hole thing. Excluding only one bathroom. She has had a hard time picking a color as you can see in the pictures. She finally picked the color and it looks amazing. I was able to paint over the demos. It felt better them taking a shower after being out side all day sweating in the sun and collecting dirt in the sweat, then getting to take a shower, and wash it all off. Just a little O.C.D. She is getting so close to moving in, all she has left is to finish the painting, new appliances, and clean the carpets. I am getting so excited for her.      

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chocolate Cake!

I have been craving a chocolate cake for a few days. Last night I finally broke down and made one. I didn't even wait  to make icing before I sat down  to eat a piece. Well my son caught wind of what was going on so of coarse  he wanted  a piece. I didn't give him a very big one, but a big mess came out of the deal. I first gave him a fork. All that did was start the mess off right. He just wanted to play, so i decided a spoon might help. Wrong again. He finally decided that his face was the best was to tackle this obstacle. Boys and destruction! It must taste better. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ward and Comunity Christmas party.

We had are Ward Christmas party on friday. Our high schools Acapella group  came down and preformed for us. They did a wonderful  job. They sang some songs that were christmas and songs that were gosple orented. Randan and I both commented on how cool that was. The Acapelle group that  we had when I was in high school didnt sing church music that I can remember. After are acapella group we had are ward priamry perform the stroy of the nativity. I was a sheperd I had to take care of are little lambs, wich were the sumbeams. They were all over the place. Cute, but all over the place. Last but defanetly not least Santa Calus came. The kids were able to sit on his lap, or by them. Tucker last year balled and balled. This year he did a little bettter. He didnt start crying as soon or huging up to Randan as soon. At this rate we sould be good  in two to three years.