Thursday, November 17, 2011


I really didn't want a picture of me like this in here, but I did want a picture of Tucker and Randan. I was so busy on Halloween that this is the only picture we had of Tucker in his costume. We wernt sure if Tucker would let us dress him up this year. I bought the crayon costume last year when all the costume's went on sale, and when I pulled all the Halloween decorations out I got his costume out to see what I needed, and to try it on him to make sure it fit (remember I bought it in 2010. I guessed, and hoped it would fit for 2011). He wouldn't put it on. We would ask him what he was going to be through out the Holiday, and he would reply: " A Blue Crayon," so we keep are fingers crossed that he would put it on at the twelfth hour. On Halloween When he was taking a nap, I got my costume on, and makeup done. When he woke up he saw me, and decided it was OK to put the crayon on. We went to our wards Trunk- or - Treat. This picture is of us handing out our candy. I love Halloween. Always have.

Pumpkin Patch

This year Randan, and I wanted to have a nice garden. Last year was my first attempt, but it failed miserably. This year I tried harder, and we did better. We got a few tomato's, not as much as we hoped for, but a taste. Loads of  strait neck summer squash, potato's, and these pumpkins. I wanted to have some to carve for Halloween. I have never planted pumpkins before.  I got a variety called Cinderella," and they came out very short and squatty. Needless to say we didn't use them to carve. There just wasn't enough  room to do any thing. I think it would have been to tough to cut in to any way.  Lets just say next year will be better. Lesson learned. We could on the other hand stack them on top of each other, and the became pumpkin snow men. Look at the positive. Right!