Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fishing and Camping!

There is good, and horrible news this go around. The good news is that we went camping, and fishing this last week end. We hooked up my Mother, and Father-in-laws camper, and went up the hill for two night's. On Saturday we went fishing at Oak's park. There is a spill way there, that if running right, you just toss your line out, and you catch a fish. None of this waiting around business. This was Tucker's first time fishing, and he loved it. He caught 7 fish (with a little help of course). The picture just above is his face as we rilled in the second fish. I would hold Tucker, as Randan would toss out the line, snag a fish, and then let Tucker real it in. It is a jagged steep hill.  I hung on to Tucker as tight as I could so he wouldn't fall in and get caught in the current. Here is the horrible news.  Just after I took the bottom picture, I handed the camera to Randan to take a picture of Tuckers face, and my 6 month old camera fell in the water. Yes you guessed it. It is ruined. It wont close the lens or even turn on for that matter. I wanted to cry.   It is a lot of work to go camping, but always worth it.


This is Tucker's new thing. He loves Dinosaurs! The other day I was doing something that I thought was "Very important,"  and Tucker came up to me saying, "Mom come follow me, my Dinosaur is a sleep" It took him a few time's of saying this for me to wake up and listen to him. I followed him into his room,  he crawled up into his bed, and laid by his "Sleeping Dino." When times like this happen I have to remember to listen to him the first time. He needs to know I care about the things he finds fun, and interesting.