Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tucker's First Day Of Kindergarten!

Got on the bus to ride it for the first time

Got of the bus to got to school.  I missed him coming down the stairs.  This was the best I could do.

Finding his seat.

Trying to open BLUE play dough that was at his seat.

Getting on bus to come home.  We had some problems with which bus number he would be ridding home. They changed it the first day of school for the older kids and didn't fix it on there records for the d kindergarten kids who started school a week later then the older kids.  The bus he goes to school on isn't the same one he rides home.

Getting off the bus to come home.

I gave these to Tucker after school.  They were in Raegan's Happy meal and though Tucker would like them the last happy meal he got he didn't want the toy  because it was a girl toy, so he gave it to Raegan.  She returned the favor.
The kids playing with Tuckers play dough he got at school the day before. 
This keeps them both busy for hours.
It his hard to believe that I have a child in the school system.  I am very excited for him to go and spread his wings, and at the same time it makes me feel lonely. Yes I have Raegan to have fun with and keep me occupied but Raegan is Raegan and Tucker is Tucker.  The are unique in their own way.  I think this being my first experience it is hopefully rougher then when you send each of your other kids, or maybe I am a woos.  I have never been a mom who likes to pawn off her kids.  I am to much of a helicopter mom wants to know everything about my kids.  To a fault.  I know they need some space to grow.  Hopefully I will get better as time goes.
I asked Tucker how his day was after we got him off the bus, and this is what he said: 
"I loved it.  I really like ridding the bus.  I have a girl that is a friend (he doesn't know her name.) We got to play on the play ground.  We played a game to get acquainted with all the kids in the class .  My note book is Purple, and we don't have assigned seats yet."  And all that I had to drag out of him.
His teacher is Miss Batty.  She was in my ward growing up.  We are the same age.  Her dad and my dad are first cousins.  I am really excited to see this school year play out, and all the fun things he will get to do.  I am excited to see him grow, learn, and make new friends.   Yesterday during one of my bawling fits Randan told me "just think in 14 years we could be pulling away from provo. "    I know it was coming from a good place but yah!  It didn't help.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Mom had a BBQ at her house last night and she was able to have the Workman crew minus some Husbands and one son, and the Liebhardt crew all but Shasta and her family.  I very  much enjoy getting together with cousins and this was no exception we talked and laughed.  I always want any  them to stay longer.  We talked about our government and the gospel two very different topics but some how they came together.   We also talked and, want to see if we can pull off a Southam Family Reunion this next summer I hope we wont drop the ball and we will make it happen.  I missed having the Smiths, Southams and Orullians.   

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Birthday 2014!

From Grandparents
Yes they have $$$ in them. Not going to devulge the amount people might want loans:)

From Mom
I saw the tablet cover and necklaces one day when we were in Wal-Mart together.  Intuitive she is.  She also knows I am a sucker for office supplies, and anything stationary.   

From Mother and Father-in-law. 
The knitted cream and brown hot pad my mother-in-law made.  I needed new towels and hot pads. Love the colors. 
From Wilkins. 
Had to laugh because just two days before my birthday I was in Joann's and saw this owl and another with long bead legs.  I wanted to get them but thought "not right now," maybe I could even make one.  So glade I don't have to make one:)

We went up to Flaming Gorge (if you remember from a few posts back) for a FHE night when we were there I saw this Hoodie and fell in love with it.  Randan bought it form me and I had no idea.  He is getting really good at pulling the wool over my eyes. 

And this is THE ROCK!!!  Yes it might not look like much in this picture, but it is HEAVY!  I am so excited. A tone more needs to be done to our yard, but it is a start. 
I have tell you a story.  The day before my birthday.  I had gone to the park,and it wiped my kidos out.  When we got home  they both got naps.  I had just got Tucker to sleep when the door bell rang, it was Joie, a friend of mine.  We have been friends since middle school. Not going to tell you how long ago that was, lets just say a very long time ago.  We were even roommates in Salt Lake.  Now that we are married and have kids (she has two kids that are 10-11 months apart, both with autism) we don't see each other all that much she lived in St. George for a while and Califonia for a while then back to St. George, and lucky for me back to Vernal.
She said she wanted to bring be a birthday gift ( a gift card to subway and some candy no picture sorry) and say hi, and that she had been thinking of me.  I think I was just to excited to see her that  I didn't care any thing about any birthday.  I just love her and am so grateful to have had  such wonderful friends.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Tucker setting out the blanket

I remember when I was little we would get a blanket, lay it on our tramp, and look ant the stars.  Dad would with us more then mom. It was hard for her to get up on the tramp.  I loved doing that spending time with my family and cooling off  in the evening.  Randan had  wanted to put a rock he got for me in our front yard,  ( You will see pictures later. he got it off the mountain the day before for my birthday.  I want to show all of the birthday stuff together.)  so  I told Tucker to go get a blanket and we will watch the moon rise and the stars come out.  it was  gorgeous  full moon I wish I had a lens that would take the picture how you see it.  I tried it was bad that all I will say. Of cores Tucker was more in to the stars then Reagan but she had fun wandering around the yard.    

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Burger King II

This is how it started trying to get them all in the shot smiling

Little better

How it ended.
A few years ago Mom Tucker and I were at Burger King and Tucker got a crown.  He wanted me to take a picture of him in this crown, so I did.  He was sitting with mom.  Some of you might remember it from a lot of posts back.  
The other day mom came to town with me and the two kids.  I let mom pick where to eat and she  wanted Burger King.  While we were in line I noticed that there were some crowns on the counter I grabbed two, and decided to get a picture with both my kids, and mom.   Who knows it might become a thing for us.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Michael and Connie Haslem Family Vacation!

Last Year mom and I thought it would be fun to go on a mini vacation to Salt Lake City for this years three day vacation,  instead of going camping like we do every year.  We wanted to go to a water park and to Lagoon.  Randan thought it would also be fun to go to Hill Aero Museum. So we planed and planed even made chore charts for the kids to earn there way. Uncle Mark and Aunt Denna let us stay at there house on one condition that we brought Grandma Southam.  These are some of the pictures I took of the fun time we had.  I didn't get any pictures of us at the water park Cherry Hill, and my camera died at the beginning  of Lagoon so you will see a lot of Hill Aero Museum. Wish I could have evened it out more.   

A snail we saw the day we got to Uncle Marks and Aunt Denna's.  The kids thought it was awesome.

Randan showing Raegan the snail.

Randan showing the kids the engines.

This plane refueled the planes while in the air. Thought that was cool

This helicopter looked silly to me.

Randan said that if the president flew on this plane it would have been considered Air Force One.

I liked the helicopters if you cant tell.

This was the flag's of all the 50 states + a huge American Flag.

There was a Funeral the day before so I think that is why there are all these chairs set up. I just thought it was cool that they had there own logo on there own chairs.


Mom went on maybe two rides while at Lagoon.  This is the first one she went on.  It gives you the stomach in your throat felling not my favorite especially since I have had kids.     

Last picture before my camera died.  It was raining this day, so we all look like drowned rats.  It felt lots better then the two weeks before when we came for my nephews birthday, and it was 102 degrees.