Monday, August 13, 2012

I just had too...

...put this in here. Tucker has started to sit like this when he eats. My favorite is the toes are even crossed. I quietly took this picture, and zoomed out for a full shot, but he caught me and change how he was sitting. You have never been able to pull the wool over his eyes.


Randan's idea of fishing!

Tucker's idea of fishing!

Randan was able to take a few days last week to do what he wanted. Of cores it was camping. I'm not complaining mind you. I love to camp I just say that because so dose he.we went up on Tuesday and came home on Friday. We camped at East park. They have a camp site  with fire rings, water, and out houses. Also level camp sites so it didn't take for ever to set up.We wanted to camp there for a few reasons but one was the fire ring. This year your only aloud to set a fire in designated  spots. Because of the water table being so low. It's not camping if you cant have a fire.  Right?
On Wednesday we went all  the way up to Hacking lake. It was dry dry dry all the way up in the streams and lakes. Hacking wasn't as full as it could have been ether. Thursday after dinner we walked down to the lake and decided to give it one more shot at the fishing (We hadn't caught a single thing the hole time we were up there). Just as we had decided to go Randan decided to canst it out a couple more times and lone behold he AKA Tucker caught a fish. we couldn't catch any more so we talked Tucker in to letting the one he caught go. He wasn't to excited to do that until he found out  he had to kill it to keep it. Then the idea seemed good. also earlier that day we went to Jones hole to at least let him see some fish the men there gave him two cups of fish food and told him to have at it. He loved it Two cups of food wasn't enough. Randan told Tucker to set his hand on top of the water. He did and as he did Randan dropped food around his hand. The fish jumped and swam right there by his had, so Tucker  could feel them. The first time Tucker's eyes got huge. Oh it was so fun to watch I wish so badly that my camera's batteries wouldn't have died. They died the first morning we were there. The trip was a total success for us we really enjoyed every minute.

Fun FHE for the DUP

First of all I want you to know it was hard to find a picture where everyone was looking or in it just right. Now that that is out of the way. My mother-in -law found an insert in the local paper advertising that if  you go  to all ten historical sites that the Utah Daughter Pioneers have around the Uintah Basin, and have your picture taken, and by a certain date, turn in all the pictures you can be entered into a drawing for a gift basket. It is the 50 anniversary of the Utah Daughters of Pioneers so that is the reason they are doing this drawing. We decided that would be fun for are FHE. After we got most of the sites we BBQ hot dogs at the park. It was fun to learn all the history.