Friday, November 10, 2017

Halloween 2017

                                                    For Halloween this year 
-Tucker was a Spider
-Raegan was a Butterfly
-Madalynn is a Flower

Corn Maze

 When you live in a farming community you don't have to go far to find a corn maze. About a half an hour out of vernal there is a town called Lapoint they do a corn maze every year.  this was mine Raegan and Madalynn's first time Tucker had went the year before with his Wilkins cousins and Grandma Vincent.  Mom and I decided to go for family home evening.  I am glad we did I don't know that I will go again until my kids a like a lot bigger. the maze was to big for them. They did have stuff for the littler kids to do, but we went through them pretty fast, and the main event is the corn maze. 
My kids were so sad when they had to wash their faces. I was sad because It didn't come off very easy.  In fact they still had remnants the next day to wear to school .

Trip to Denver

This is how Madalynn felt about the carousel.

 We Got to go to the zoo the first day, that was amazing, it was an all day event. I was big, and had fun things to see. I will defiantly want to go back if we want to go to a zoo again.
 Prep for the fossil digging
Digging for a fossil

 The next day Randan didn't get to go with us but we had fun anyway. We went to The science and history museum.  That would have been another long day, but Madalynn was done, and I was not  drive back to the hotel in rush hour traffic in a city I wasn't  familiar with. They had lots of exhibits to see, and do. For instance we got to do a science  experiment.  We extracted DNA from wheat germ, we learned more about our body, we learned about Dinosaurs, space, and gem stones.  I was so glad to get to go on this trip with my family. 

Madalynns 1st Birthday

We had dinner ( Stew , Rolls, and some Salads). We opened gifs then had Cake and  Ice-cream.
I cant believe how fast that first year went it is getting worse with every child.   

Little Rascel

I left the pantry door open and she got in the hot chocolate. 

Good Bad and Ugly

My mom has wanted to have more storage in her kitchen since she bought the house, and she defiantly has the room. We bought some pre fab cabinets at Lowes, and put them together to make a pantry. I wish I would have got a final product picture,  but this was a month or more long project, and I think I forgot to get one.
Looking at the bottom picture maybe my mom doesn't want me to help her with any more projects I was drilling in screws and she was holding the cabinets, and I drilled right through her finger.  I think that qualifies for the bad and ugly. 

Harvest Creation 2017

Well this wasn't our first attempt this year, but our best outcome. He sure is proud of it and right up his ally with the Legos.