Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Spring ball 2017

This is our third year of playing spring ball, but first on city league. He really enjoyed it. I was very impressed with his coach. He taught Tucker more this spring season then Tucker learned all the other seasons combine.
Tuck would play first a lot, sometimes third, and short stop. Once he was catcher, and once pitcher. His team was the Angels. They were a pretty good little team. 
True to spring ball, you never knew what king of weather you were going to get, so I always packed for winter, and summer.  It felt like I was packing the hole house every time, but I got a system and it worked. One of Tuckers games the heavens opened up, and man it hailed. 
Randan and I were so sick that night, we had some kind of stomach flu, he was loose, and I was throwing up. Luckily the kids never got it.
I completely love watching him play ball. When he concentrates he is a pretty good little player.   

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